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You are the storm...You are the stream.

Releasing the Creative Power of People at the Velocity of Life.
In a Theocentric circle...



Below are links to current projects Rand is investing himself in.


To spread the grace and truth of Theocentric living. In a Theocentric human world three building blocks emerge. The first engages the freedom of the individual to discover their calling and to begin following their destiny unencumbered by false limitations. The second building block engages the genuine empowering gifts the individual can employ to live out that heartfelt destiny. The third building block is the foundation of love which becomes the active ingredient imparting life giving qualities and true balance to the other two building blocks.

Theocentric living endues the person with their awareness of Infinite Freedom (I can receive all that is given), their awareness of Infinite Power (I can do all things my passion directs) and their awareness of Infinite Love (I have enough to give to all who need).


These are three great pillars of a powerful and fulfilling life.


Getting to know someone is vital to trust. As an Artist from birth, twelve years in Pastoral Counseling, thirty years as a Sports Coach, and now a Personal and life Coach with long years of experience on the tarmac of life, Rand is best known as a Spiritual Life Builder, Artist, Writer and Growth Facilitator.


Having begun his person to person service in the deep trenches of Pastoral care, Rand learned first and foremost through his own encounters with the supernatural, directing him into a lifetime of fascinating discovery. After investing years in church planting and training others and being called on to travel and share his insights, Rand invests himself now outside the traditional church walls working more directly as a Growth Facilitator with groups and with people one on one.


We all have influential spiritual guides whether we can name them or not and Rand has bound himself together with his Mentor, the Great Eastern Guru and supernatural Master Teacher Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose own professed mission is life for all people everywhere on a flourishing scale of infinity.


Rand brings a unique combination of insights to you as both a Personal Growth Facilitator and Liberator of people since 1970, filling up life now as a multi-dimensional Artist, Life Coach, Writer, part time poet and musician and business executive.


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What People Are Saying

I have been extremely blessed to be a beneficiary of Rand's ever expanding and compassionate world view.

Genius/Mastery for me is when someone can take an extremely complex idea or philosophy and crystallize it in a sentence or two.


Rand is that person for me when it comes to religion/Christianity and how it can benefit humanity regardless your current belief.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

—  Rich Keal, Founding Partner - Generational Wealth Partners