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Human Liberty Is A Repeatable Science

Releasing the Creative Power of People at the Velocity of Life.

Changed lives made possible by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Rand Swift 

The Story

Everybody has a story, right? So here's mine.

What is it you would like to know about me? What do you NEED to know about me in order to feel comfortable adding me to your circle of people who will bring benefit to your life both short term and long term?

I can tell you first that I am a dedicated devotee to one of the great cities on planet earth known as Seattle, Washington in the U.S.A. I was handed the privilege of being born and raised here, moving away in my younger years and exploring the world at large, and then ultimately returning in the early 1980's after a 12 year absence at which time I experienced an abrupt end of Phase #1 of my journey during which time I began the pursuit of my spiritual interests with a deep and lasting passion.



I am, after all, a passionate person. Ultimately, the world runs on the power of passion, either positive passion or negative passions. If you have not done so yet, It is my hope that you too can discover your passions, or rediscover them and learn to live your life in harmony with those unique passions. It's easy to lose them along the way, isn't it?

Things to know about me? First and foremost, I am a child of God. I prefer, out of all the ways that can be said, to refer to myself as an 'Apprentice of Jesus Christ In The School of High Magic'. I'm learning. Every day I'm learning from Him the ways of the supernatural and the healing powers resident within Him. However, it doesn't end there as that is the all important beginning out of which everything else flows.

Out of the above I then by nature am life coach. A famous one? No. But I find myself coaching and helping people through the sticky places in their lives almost on a daily basis. The opportunities to help and to heal people come to me, I don't have to seek them out, they seek me out. In conjunction with this I utilize a process I call Emancipation Technologies which is all about freeing the individual to be everything they have been created to be. My background includes 12 years in traditional Church ministry functioning as a Pastor, Prophetic Minister, Global Traveler and Teacher and all the various accolades that go along with that and from which I eventually burned out and realized, "This isn't at all what Jesus had in mind when He said, "I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18).

Calling...Individual First...Your Group Second


The new mission involves helping individuals and small groups of people discover their own life calling being that sweet spot where you and God and all the wonders of the universe flow together, coming to that point just as Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world explained, "Come to Me all of you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest..." (Matthew 11:28). The best, better and more streamlined way to do this we have found is to do so 'outside the camp' of the heavy and overloaded traditional format of Churchianity that has cluttered the current landscape of planet earth being what we have come to call Christianity but which continues to work from a 'Dark Ages' mentality. What do I mean by 'Dark Ages Mentality'? I mean that our essential format for operations has changed little since the Dark Ages, but things are changing and we are delighted to be a part of that change.

Next Up...


Next up...I am a Musician/Singer/Songwriter and let's just say right off, I'm no Eric Clapton when it comes to the art of musicianship, but I can play around just enough to find my way into writing a song. I love music. I grew up in a musical household. Both my parents were avid singers. My two sons are also Musician/Singer/Songwriters. My younger brother is a well accomplished Drummer who also writes songs. You'll find links on these pages to songs and albums I have to share with you. Here is one you can explore right now (click the link):  OF PROPHETS AND PRODIGALS 

Multi-Dimensional People


Neither I or you are created to be one dimensional people. Many times frustrations set in due to our denial and suppression of other genuine gifts God has created us to express into the world at large but remain suppressed or hidden, under valued and under appreciated. So, in addition to the above, I am also an artist working in Watercolor, Acrylic Paints, dabbling in Oil Paints, and other mediums of artistic expression, I have my own style and have had to overcome many suppressing ideas from among some traditional 'believers' as to what is acceptable and not acceptable for an artist, particularly a 'Christian Artist' to render. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit walked me through and past the nay-saying ideas simply pointing out, "What is it do you think in all of the Father's creation He is ashamed to have made?" That pretty much settled a thousand or more questions.

I believe I was created and sent here to be an artist whether it is working with colors and shapes on paper or canvas, or in working in the healing arena of the soul, helping others find their own voice and eternally rooted expression while I function as a Growth Facilitator under the heading of Emancipation Technologies. I practice my craft regularly, looking for ways to develop my expression to its highest possible excellence, during those years I have functioned as a Life Coach since personally encountering the Son of God and subsequently experiencing my own liberation in 1970 when I met Jesus on the side of the road. Though we didn't call it life coaching at that time, the work that fascinated me then and still does today was the same. exact work that I continue to love. Any more, I prefer to be known as an "Apprentice of Jesus In The School of High Magic" with a decidedly  Theocentric center.

Theocentric - What Does That Mean?


My educational degree is in Theology (the research of available states between God and humanity) so, is it any wonder that my deep interest would involve the release of people to personally interact with the pulse of all Existence as it relates to their own state in day to day life? Theocentric means I believe there are things about our lives that have their root in an arena that transcends the present, finding their beginning somewhere in the deep recesses of God. I believe both you and I have a 'pre-existence' that stretches into both the past as far as can be known as well as into the future and that no one gets in here, in the current mix of the visible order, without a calling from God. But, what are we doing with it? That is the question.

In the Son of God teachings Jesus often spoke of the little children and in one instance explained that a child's angel was always beholding the face of God. Angel's are beings created as bearers of a word from God and the teaching then infers that every child is born with a message or word, a personally assigned angel rooted in the supernatural realm, issuing a message to them from the face of God, the very Source of infinite and unbound life. This brings up some interesting questions as the teachings then instruct you and I to be converted and change our course, going back again to that childlike state, picking up the meaning and the message of the Angel(s) assigned to us.

When I speak of Theocentric Living, I'm talking about the unique expression of the vast image and likeness of God that transcends the small box world of time and space as we currently know it and living from a state of being that is divine.

As a person discovers and begins to walk in their own space of Theocentric Living, resonating together with what turns out to be their own designed fountain of unique refreshing, their level of creativity is released to begin to stream through them at what I like to call the velocity of life!

What Qualifies Rand To Act In The World of Music, Art, Life Coach/Growth Facilitator Or Jesus Revolutionary?


The same answer applies to all questions like this. The answer is first of all, passion! It is passion, rooted at a level whose source is not visible, that is at the wheelhouse of decisions to pursue excellence in any field and mine just happen to be in the fields we have just discussed with ultimately the liberation of people into the never ending streams of their own divine destiny.

It is passion that led me then in my education, in pursuing a degree in Theology and then passion that led me to church planting and passion that engaged me in twelve years of pastoral ministry and life counseling. Then after departing the mold of classical ministry, it was passion that moved me to  continue being interested in people, helping them find their sweet spot in life and it was the same people passion that led me to 25+ years coaching athletic teams from T-Ball through High School sports, on to Pro-Am level athletes competing for highly prized championships.

These passions are the secret sauce that fuel my life just as your own passions whether, known, buried, forgotten or suppressed internally or externally are yours too. Are your stuck in your life? I would love the opportunity to help.

Rand Swift: Artist and Growth Facilitator @ Emancipation Technologies


To spread the grace and truth of Theocentric living as taught and exemplified by the incredible Savior of our world, Jesus Christ. In a Theocentric based human world three building blocks emerge. The first engages the freedom of the individual to discover their calling and to begin following their destiny unencumbered by false limitations. The second building block engages the genuine empowering gifts the individual can employ to live out that heartfelt destiny rooted in the infinite depths of God. The third building block is the foundation of love which becomes the active ingredient imparting life giving qualities and true balance to all good and life giving things in our lives, personally and with one another as we engage the world around us.

Theocentric living endues the person with their awareness of Infinite Freedom (I can receive all that is given), their awareness of Infinite Power (I can do all things my divinely rooted passions direct) and their awareness of Infinite Love (I have enough to give to all who need).


These are three great pillars of a powerful and fulfilling life.





Below are links to current projects Rand is investing himself in.


What People Are Saying

I have been extremely blessed to be a beneficiary of Rand's ever expanding and compassionate world view.

Genius/Mastery for me is when someone can take an extremely complex idea or philosophy and crystallize it in a sentence or two.


Rand is that person for me when it comes to religion/Christianity and how it can benefit humanity regardless your current belief.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

—  Rich Keal, Founding Partner - Generational Wealth Partners




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