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Book: Jesus and The Revolution! - Entry One

Updated: Aug 7, 2019


I'm one of those people with deep questions about our view of the supernatural and most particularly as it relates to the life and message of Jesus Christ, whom I believe, from personal experience, to be the Son of God.

The Son of God. Think about that for a moment. In your imagination, what is implied by those words, if someone came up to you, pointed at another person and said, "That guy right there? He is the Son of God. And there is something else about him maybe you should know. He died, was killed actually by religion and politics, was gone and lay in the grave for three full days, and then came back to life again. Oh, and there is one more thing. God, his Father, made him the governor of everything that He (God) possesses and it turns out, I mean his name and rank is above every other thing in all creation, oh, and everything in creation is about love."

I don't know. What would you say?

These are the kind of questions I dealt with in my own personal search for a spiritual connection. I was young and looking for meaning. There had to be something more to life than just waking up, getting high, going to a job, getting high, coming home, getting high and waking up to do the same thing tomorrow...and tomorrow...and tomorrow...until one day everything just stops and over a few years time you just turn into dirt.

I went through the menu list of spiritual options. I looked at Eastern religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, I had friends who were playing with the overt darker side of Satanism, and I had a friend who claimed she was a witch. I watched, I observed, I saw and I kept searching.

Then one night there was an apparition that came to me. It was as real to me as anything ever was. I saw it. I felt its thick presence as I watched it moving back and forth in the doorway of my room, watching me. I had never been so terrified in my life. The presence was pure evil and it had come for me. I began to pray.

This was the beginning for me of a dramatic turning and I write about it in The Revolution Is ON! which is a book about the outlandish outcome of the stunning news Jesus Christ has delivered to our world culminating ultimately in an earth engulfed in total harmony with life on a magnitude scale of infinity. That, by the way, is a God level magnitude. What if there are no known limits?

Jesus said it plainly, "The reason I have come is that you might echo life, and that you might echo it beyond all measurable capacity" - and then he showed us all what that can look like by rising in triumph over death.

Another thing the Son of God taught us is, "What you believe is possible is possible, and what you don't believe is possible will not be possible to you", and it's true. The limit may be in your head.

So I wrote this book. I wrote it because in prayer I had this vision and the vision won't go away. I wrote this book so I might infect you and others with the vision.

I'll talk more about what is in the book in my next post.

To purchase: Available on Amazon

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