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Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Two

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


I knew right away I was in for something special after my one-on-one encounter with the apparition of the demon spirit that night, I realized I had a choice to make and it was a big one, a very, very big one.

It was only as I desperately prayed, which I really had no previous known skill in, that the evil apparition after it looked disgusted at my rejection of it's overture to possess me, disappeared, and I was able then to settled into a deep and peaceful sleep. (See previous post)

When I woke in the morning, I knew I had important business to take care of with God. I did not want a repeat of the night's experience ever again.

I had been 'witnessed to' by some people I knew that were Jesus Freaks as we called them. One of them was formerly, and this was before he encountered the Son of God for himself, a person of very questionable values when it came to the world of us Hippies. He was a profiteer (drug dealer), making money off of other people's oppression's.

I had heard he had switched his head-space and become one of them...a Jesus Freak. But, he came up to me while I was standing by a reflecting pool one day and began talking to me about the Son of God instead of his latest offering of hallucinogenics or some other stimulant. He was just sowing sacred seeds that now, after my middle of the night encounter with the apparition, I was ready to hear and let grow.

He explained the message of Jesus to me in language I could understand. He said, "Brother, if just one tiny flake of God's dandruff fell on this place, everyone would be so stoned on His love they would be completely out of their minds." He said this is what Jesus dying on the cross was all about. It was all about love and one person laying down their life for the sake of others lives and with Jesus, the Son of God, it was for everybody's life, including mine.

I can't say I understood it all, but somehow, the idea that God was love stuck with me and in the middle of the night, when the demon spirit appeared to take me with him, it was that love that I had been calling out to and it was that love that came and rescued me from that spirit and I could see that now. Love had somehow saved me.

So, in the morning I prayed and said, "God, if there is any way out of this mess I've gotten myself into, if You will make a way...I'll take it."

Little did I know at that moment the entire landscape of my life was about to be entirely rearranged in ways that were far, far beyond my control. Talk about turning the world upside down. I was about to experience what that really means.

I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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