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Book: Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Four

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The Spiritual Wars - What I've Learned

What have I learned?

If you ever had any question whether spiritual wars are real, I can assure they are very real. In fact I would venture to offer that physical wars, as they play out in visible conflicts we can see, have far more happening behind the scenes in the spiritual dimension than what is appearing at the visible level.

I don't say this to condone war because I don't. War is the greatest waste of human life and productivity that exists, along with the waste involved in all human to human conflict, all designed to take us out of the state of creating exchangeable good with one another. That is what both spiritual warfare purported by darkness and those attacks bleeding into natural conflict does.

This is one reason why the prophets spoke of a day where there would be no more war. No war, no waste.

But, here is what I've learned about the spiritual wars over the last 49+ years:

1). I've learned that men get wounded in the spiritual wars just as in real wars...because they are real wars, and that God does not disgustedly forsake them when they do. Sometimes it’s anticipated. Sometimes there are great things to be learned because of them that will ultimately turn to save the lives of thousands of others. The foreknowledge of God has missed nothing and made provision for all things. Don't give up on yourself, because God never does. If you fail, gather yourself, get up and go deeper that you ever have before. It may well be a call to drear deeper into the Power of Life that the Father is.

2). By the mercy I received direct from the hand of Jesus, I’ve learned it is my job, our job, to heal men when they do get wounded and bring them back from the dead, not leaving them cruelly out there on the battlefield gasping for air, all alone as they desperately look for some shred of hope, healing and restoration after they've been wounded. Don't give up on others. Tomorrow it could be you in need of healing. If you don't lift their burden, maybe they won't be there to lift yours when the time comes.

3). I've learned the spiritual enemies are so very real and they are cunning and purposefully cruel, they are highly skilled at creating scenarios to entrap and to harm and their intent is always to destroy, but damned if we should let that happen, ever, on our watch. When good people are wounded, don't jump in and become a tool of the destroyer along with those enemies. Become the opposite.

4). I've learned again the importance of foundations and the true nature of what it is we need to build upon, first and foremost being our deep love of the person and Spirit of Jesus Christ and who and what he represents into our sphere in our own liberation, and then second, to the liberation of the people surrounding us right now. These are the two great values of Jesus instructions to us. Draw from the powers of infinite life. Give to others the powers of that life. Learn again to be loved by God who reached out to you in the beginning, and to flow that same love out to everyone around you.

5). I’ve learned my own foundation, that I thought was full of holes, may not have been so faulty after all. Though the storm came and tried to tear me to pieces, the fact of the matter is, I am still here. I am still standing and I know things now I never knew before. I am more dangerous now than I have ever been and I intend to be more dangerous to the darkness all the more. When you've been through hell and survived it, a second trip no longer intimidates you, or a third, or a fourth.

6). I've learned there are two things, not a confusing mass of things we need to follow to be effective and they are both matters of the heart: The first is, A). Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, letting nothing ever divide that relationship and the second is B). Love your neighbor to the same degree you love yourself, doing for them in their current status precisely what you would long for someone to do for you, if their status was and is your status. Loving people purely, giving without any thought of personal gain, is never wrong.

7). I've learned the reason you can do the above is because you as a son or daughter of God are always operating from a position of strength and fullness of the Father's love being poured out on you, simply because you are you whom He has created to be loved by Him regardless of your current state of growth and understanding, allowing us to never approach anything before us from a 'deficit' mental position. According to your faith, so be it unto you. The power is with you to help them, so do it and never back down from the opportunity.

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