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Book: Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Five

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Revolution! What Is It?

I wrote a book under what I felt strongly was Holy Spirit direction called presently 'The Revolution Is ON!' (soon to be changed to 'Jesus And The Revolution'). It is a declaration. In conjunction with other prophetic voices, which is meant to function as a restoring directive call, pointing back again to the magnificent message of Jesus Christ in which it is explained the whole earth is undergoing a liberation into the power of life that knows no limits...life commensurate with the Creator of Life...He who manages by His love the multiplex of universes, however many may exist...He who is the energetic and intelligent Origin of all things...God.

Beyond being a restorative clarification of the mission of the sons of God, it is meant as 'A Manifesto for Global Transformation Through the Application of Supernatural Powers.'

Did you miss that part of the gospel? That part where the whole earth is undergoing the process of re-genesis? Re-creation? A purposeful exorcism in which all that troubles the peace and prosperity of infinite life is overcome and cast out by means of His sons and daughters confronting it and eliminating it by virtue of supernatural power?

This is nothing short of complete Revolution in which powers that once were in control exercising their own demented energies for purposes of oppression and theft of life, are disposed by means of greater power appearing on the scene.

The Liberating news of Jesus Christ is a Revolution of the highest order. Why? because it does not operate on the mundane level of the natural world (though its effects show up there), but its operation is on the highest of planes which is the plane of the spiritual, in the combat zones existing between the spirit elements of light and darkness.

By definition, Revolution is from the Latin, revolutio and means ‘to turn around’. In that sense it corresponds quite well with the actual meaning of the word ‘repentance’ which in effect also alludes to turning around, and in its even more expansive meaning refers to ‘having another mind’ which is the true meaning of the word repentance. You are moving in a direction and you have missed the path, so turn around.

Quite literally repentance holds the idea that the one repenting has gone through a period of evaluation and is changing their mind on things. What they thought might be true, they have realized wasn’t true at all, and now they are aligning with a process of thought that is entirely new. It is a change of mind and perception at the deepest conceivable level.

In this process, the persons involved in it have entered a personal state of Revolution and are turning in a new direction because they have realized the old one is unworkable. It is a dead end. It must be abandoned.

The fuller scope of Revolution, and this is very much what we are engaged in, means a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place usually in a relatively short period of time when the person or population rises up in revolt against the current authorities. We can go one step further of course, and discuss the core of Revolution which is the word ‘revolt or revolting.’

A Revolution takes place when a person or group of persons get to the point where they are so fed up with the current conditions that they become absolutely revolting to them, and the very idea of continuing on in the current way becomes so disgusting to the person or persons that they will not go another day, another hour or another minute in it.

People are funny that way. They are far more willing to accept a condition, even though it might not be ideal or might even be oppressive or even destructive to them, than experience the discomfort or fear of forcing change even though they have everything to gain by change.

They will indeed continue unless the condition becomes so ultimately distasteful to them that they cannot abide it for even one more day. It seems to be then and only then, that they rise up, often with all of the pent up emotions and fury that has been building maybe even for years and sometimes for generations and revolt.

The Revolution we, the sons and daughters of God are engaged in does in fact seek the overthrow of powers that have usurped control over something that never was theirs to begin with, being the earth. But as the scriptures point out, once we breach through to the true intent of God, as the veil is removed from our eyes under the New Covenant in Jesus, we realize our conflict is not and has never really been against flesh and blood persons in the material dimension, but the conflict is much, much higher, at a level of engaged powers that are spirit and not human, though they find their outlet of animation and expression through humans and other created entities.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves now. In way of preparation however for some of the things to come, remember this: Spirit is a level of animation, influence and power above the material dimension and you cannot affect it by any material means. You can only affect it by spiritual means, applying spiritual power at a level that is greater than the spirit power that is currently present and occupying a given territory.

There are levels and there is an order to the levels. The lesser level cannot control the greater level, but the greater level can influence the lesser level. It is written into the codified DNA of the universe. The presence of Greater Power always prevails.

Associated with these levels are things called ‘names.’ When a greater name is present all lesser names must comply.

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