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Book: The Revolution Is ON! - Blog Seven

The Divine Passion and Spiritual Revolution!

The studies of passion bring us close to the study of God, for there is no greater passion alive within the universe than the fires of passion that burn within the heart of God.

It is not possible, in my view, to discuss the power of spiritual Revolution and the joys of God filling the whole earth and not also discuss the topic of divine passion.

Passion is a power.

Some say knowledge is power but knowledge is a secondary thing that results from passion and The Book of Proverbs bears this out explaining,

“Through desire (the longing of the heart, the deep cravings) will a man separate himself from all other things and seek to procure and lay bare before him the wisdom required for the creation of any enterprise” (Proverbs 18:1).

It is passion that drives, in very real ways, the entire mystery of creation.

My house sits on a third of an acre. It is full of trees, shrubs, flowers and fruit trees with a large lawn in back. One sunny day I had been in prayer and sensed I should go outside. I wandered outside and stood in the backyard taking it all in as I thought I had been directed to do by the Spirit and wondered out loud, “Okay. What next?”

“Just listen” is what came back in reply so I stood there with my eyes closed, taking in all the sounds of nature. I discovered that the solitude and quietness of nature was extremely noisy and extremely busy with insects buzzing about, birds chirping as they flew back and forth, the wind rustling the leaves and carrying things from here to there and all the other sounds and smells that go along with it.

I opened my eyes and looked, and caught a glimpse of everything as it was brilliantly alive and moving with purpose, almost like a cartoon.

Then I heard, “Isn’t it beautiful! It’s all in a state of continual reproduction. It is constantly moving, renewing and reproducing.” At that point I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Reproducing?

I felt like I had just stepped into somebody’s bedroom and was witnessing something that was supposed to be reserved for private moments, only here I was right in the middle of this nature act of reproduction and because the way the whole thing was presented to me, was actually feeling a little embarrassed by it.

The Holy Spirit however, was not embarrassed at all by what was taking place, but was rather thrilled by creations continual reproductive activities and I learned something about God then.

The drive to create is perpetual and it is woven into all He does in a replicational patterning. Life has a passion to reproduce. God, who is the epitome of good has a desire to reproduce and perpetuate good everywhere, at all times and in every place.

There is an underlying passion within all that God creates (who is known as El Chayim - the Power of Life) and in the power of any living thing made by Him which has intentionally within it the drive to reproduce, to replicate and to create a pattern of itself again and again and again in making amazingly wonderful, beautiful and beneficial things.

It is there in the plant world. It is there in the insect world. It is there in the animal world. It is there in the human world, and I have some ideas about the spiritual world, that the passion to replicate is there also.

Coming up next: Blog Eight - The Divine Passion and Spiritual Revolution, continued.

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