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Book: The Revolution Is ON! - Blog Six

Supernatural Warfare

I had a friend back in the early part of the decade of the 1970's who professed to be a Warlock. For those who do not know what that is, a Warlock is a male witch. Of course, this was all before his spiritual life was interrupted by an appearance of Jesus Christ.

That appearance changed everything for in the revelation of Jesus Christ he suddenly saw the truth. He experienced personal Revolution as he realized what he was doing and it became repulsive to him. He turned instead to the power of life he saw in Jesus, was baptized into Jesus Christ and began walking about in the power of the resurrection.

But we shared stories about our encounters with the supernatural and the deep contrasts we both had come to know between the animating spiritual entities from the darkness versus the life, liberty and wholeness that is forever emanating outwardly from the Spirit of God.

One of the stories he shared had to do with the control of a large group of people (It always has to do with control, but for what purpose is the question) at a certain concert with a certain band and a certain front man who he knew himself to also be a Warlock.

He talked about the 'mind battle' the two of them engaged in as the concert proceeded and how the other Warlock known to him eventually stopped the concert and publicly called off the conflict. I won't disclose the names of the people involved as that would be a breach of trust.

I share this event to highlight the point that what is happening at a level that cannot be seen with the natural eye is not benign and inconsequential, but is very much alive and active.

I would also further share that humankind in particular, both known by some and yet unknown by vast multitudes of others, is very much an interactive part of the spiritual drama and high level animating influence that directly impacts the world around us.

I share in the book The Revolution Is ON! a vision I received one time of a movie soundstage. As the vision began I was looking at a man and a woman, a pair of actors, and they were acting out their parts on the stage. But then the point from which I was viewing began to pull back and I saw other people that were producers, directors, scriptwriters, lighting technicians, camera operators all the way to the lunch staff and the security guards at the door.

I was being shown that what we see on the screen is merely a result. Off screen, in the arena no one gets to see in the movie, are a myriad of activities and controlling factors that are all part of the production and more is going on at the unseen level to produce the results in the seen level than what most of us will ever grasp.

Behind the effect is a cause. There is that which is functioning at the invisible level which is where the true influence of what is seen finds its points of origin.

We are instructed from the very beginning in the ancient writings that everything produces after its own kind. There is a point of impetus at the central axis of all expression. Deciphering what that spiritual impetus is, very much defines what the Son of God teachings offered by Jesus Christ are all about.

Beyond being a restorative clarification of the mission of the sons of God, the book, 'The Revolution Is On!' is meant to be 'A Manifesto for Global Transformation Through the Application of Supernatural Powers.'

Read more about The Revolution Is ON! by Rand Swift at www.streetjesus.info

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