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Book: Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Nine

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


The legal right and possession of all of the heavens and all of the earth has been given to Jesus. It is his completely and entirely. It is all his, everything spiritual and everything natural, all material, all lands, all gold, silver, precious jewels, all substance, all seats of principality and power spiritual or natural, all kingdoms, everything, everywhere, and in response to this he gives us our work saying, “Now, you go and inform all things in heaven and earth about this transition in power.”

This is almost the equivalent of Moses saying to Pharaoh, “Give God back what is His. This is what the Lord says, ‘Let My people go so they can serve Me”. Of course, it took Pharaoh the enslaver some time and a whole lot of hurt to him and his fellow enslaving task masters before he acquiesced, and just as God took means then, so will He now in whatever is necessary to clearly make His point understood.

There is a reconciling that is to be taking place. A re-harmonizing of the wonders of heaven with all of earth. This is what was begun in Genesis and is now being brought to earth by means of Jesus the Champion and the whole family of the Father's regenerated sons and daughters. The landscape is being dramatically changed, but not apart from us as the change directly includes us. In my view, this is why it takes so much time.

The language of restitution in Acts chapter 3:21 has a root somewhere else, coming to us from the prophet Moses who was given a glimpse into heaven and saw secret things.

"Therefore repent (change your heart and your mind) and turn back, so that your sins (acts born of unbelief) may be wiped out, "so that seasons of refreshing may come from directly to you from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send Jesus, who has been appointed for you as the Champion, Deliverer, Savior and Messiah. "Heaven must receive him until the time of the restoration (restitution) of all things, which God spoke about through his holy prophets from the very beginning." (Act 3:19-21)

God then instructed Moses to build tiny little earthly models of what he saw, representing in the form of the model, the mysteries seen there. These were earthly models of spiritual things and not the real things themselves, being only dim shadows of other amazing and true things prophesied. One of those prophetic insights Moses saw in the heavens (the spirit realm) had to do with divine restitution.

In the passage of scripture below we are going to read about restitution and the thief, whom in Jesus language is identified as a devouring and destroying energy referred to ultimately as satan. But, what was it that Moses had seen in the Spirit? Did he see things that only apply to men or did he see something in the realm of Spirit that he then translated in application to men and human relations, just like everything else he saw and that he did?

If a man steals an ox or steals a sheep and kill it or sells it into the hand of another's possession, he will restore five oxen for an ox and four sheep for a sheep. If a thief is found breaking in and is attacked and killed in the process, no restitution is needed and no one will be held liable or be guilty for this death. But if he gets away and is discovered, his life blood is required, he will make the full restitution and if he has nothing to repay with, then he himself will be sold in payment for his theft. If he is found with the property he stole still alive and in his hands, whether an ox, an ass or a sheep, he will restore double.

If a man causes another's vineyard to be consumed, having put his devouring beast in a field belonging to another, then he will be required to give back the very best of his own field and the very best of his own vineyard, and make restitution.

If a fire breaks out and catches in the thorns and the sheaves harvested or what is still in the field is consumed because of it, whoever kindled the fire will be required to make restitution. If a man delivers to the care of his neighbor money or things to keep and it is stolen away out of that mans house, if the thief is found he will have to pay double.

But if the thief is not found, then the master (the ba'al- the governing power) of that house will be brought to the judges and examined to see if he is the one who put his hand into his neighbors goods, for every manner of trespass, whether it is for an ox, an ass, for sheep, for clothing, or for any kind of loss of anything, if another speaks up and challenges that the thing was his, the cause existing between the two parties will come before the judges, and who the judges condemn as the wicked and offending party, who has caused the vexing and the disturbance of the others peace, well being, increase, prosperity and joy, will pay double to the one he has offended (Exodus 22:1-9, see the entire chapter).

This is what Moses saw in the Spirit. Somebody has to pay the price when a wrong has been committed. Justice is the process of reestablishing the scales and the equilibrium within any kind of social structure.

But what Moses saw he saw on a supernatural scale and translated a shadow of what he saw in the Spirit arena into earth, but the true nature of everything the prophet saw was in fact spiritual and was speaking directly to us about the coming of the Christ (the God Seed) and that which follows in the wake of his appearance.

The law of restitution that Moses saw is first and foremost a spiritual truth existing in the heavens over us to which, because of Jesus and the release he has enacted for us, we now have gained a God given advantage in reference to our own inheritance, which in part happens to include the whole earth.

It is the equilibrium of justice that Jesus Christ has enacted, but if you noticed in the passage of the prophetic writings above, unless the offended party speaks up and challenges the offense before the judges, the situation need not change.

This is critical for us to grasp, that it is the voice of the party who has been wronged by the thief that brings the judgment on the thief and the appropriate adjustment!

Please be clear on this point that the judgment bringing back the just and proper balance of ownership cannot come upon the thief if the party wronged is complacent about having been wronged.

The court doesn’t care until you do!

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