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Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Ten

Updated: Aug 14, 2019


The Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man

I was in prayer one day and I went on a journey. I found myself in a courtroom setting and it was a supernatural courtroom. On the judgment seat sat the Judge and though I couldn't actually see God, the One there was clearly known to me as God. It was the familiarity of His presence that let me know it was Him.

There were attendants and court officers and most of these officers it seems were angels. Then there was a man who had come to present a case to the court.

The man was dressed in a very fine and rich looking cloak, an appropriate professional robe (not gaudy, just appropriate) and there was a mantle over his shoulders with symbols on it which served to designate something about himself and the authority he had within the court. I wasn't sure exactly what they meant, just that it was some kind of representation of who he was and his position. Somehow I knew this man was a prophet and he had come to plead a case before the court.

I watched as the court came into session and when it was his time to speak, the man began an impassioned, truly heartfelt plea regarding the issue at hand. He produced knowledge and evidence of his cause and why it was a cause for the court to consider and render a favorable verdict on behalf of his plea and decree the adjusting remedy.

He was not arguing with the Judge but was arguing in favor of the cause and then against a situation standing in the way that was preventing the justice (the proper adjustment). He pled according to his supporting facts and evidence and it was very apparent the man and his pleading were very critical to the court, to the process of adjustment, and to the Judge.

The whole court was on high alert. Things were being recorded and things were being passed back and forth between the attendants, and then suddenly it was as if the Judge had heard all He needed to hear and I saw Him move out of the corner of my eye.

The moment He made the smallest motion everything in the court went absolutely silent, everyone freezing, pausing, and waiting.

The man had pled the cause in an emotionally stirring and masterfully impassioned, empathetic manner with facts and now as the Judge rose He made His Judges pronouncement regarding the situation with what I can only describe as unquestionable authority.

Once He had spoken, someone near me, and I'm not sure whether he was angel or human because I didn’t turn to see, whispered into my ear saying, “That was an eternal judgment.”

I knew instantly then how true this was, for God had just given verdict in association with the prophet's case. As soon as God had spoken, the court came alive again and there was movement and beings hastily coming and going, grabbing instructions and court documents then heading out to see to it the judgment spoken regarding that situation was performed accordingly.

As I stood there pondering this whole scene, the words came into me, “The fervent prayer of a man aligned with God, causes much to happen” (James 5:16) and then, the scene was over and the intended message delivered to me.

I wondered if the man I saw was Elijah the prophet who the apostle James had referred to. I don't know and it's probably irrelevant, but he was good. He was honestly passionate, factual and very good.

This is a lesson each of us should take hold of. We can indeed cause much, very much to happen through the avenue of our prayers, for prayers allow us to interact with the height of all power, unquestionable power, unleashing supernaturally bolstered effects upon the current landscape that we see before us.

Nothing happens until the Father hears our case and as we come with passion and the evidence of why things should be a different way than what they are. We plead for the truth and what is harmonic with God and wait...wait for a word...wait for an eternal judgment to be pronounced.

This is one reason why we are instructed to 'always pray and not cave in or give up'. We are the Father's eyes and ears on earth, placed here with authority to bring forth necessary adjustments to the earth, and I dare say, every case adjudicated is a direct form of exorcism, casting down and out the evil that has caused the trouble.

It is our mission after all, just as Jesus proclaimed, "In my name they will cast out devils."

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