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Jesus And The Revolution! - Entry Eleven

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The Zeal of Your House

Jesus too is even more passionate and zealous about the Fathers grand cause of justice in the earth than any Zealot you could ever imagine alive today or that has ever lived. But, what is it that Jesus is a radical, passionate, fervent Zealot about?

He is a Zealot over the respect of all beings in relation to his Father’s business which includes the whole of His creation and particularly how all beings, spirit or material in this arena, relate to his Father's house (His presence and habitation) in which infinite and absolute pure life and divine love is the constant reaching atmosphere.

The driving passion is for the willing wholeness of all things, but how does that wholeness come?

The concept of house in the scriptures is far more than a physical structure. In fact a man can have a ‘house’ in the ancient writings and not have any structure or building at all. This is because house refers to the entire estate and possession plus wives, sons and daughters, livestock and whatever else is part of that portion of wealth which God has given to the man to shepherd and steward even though he may be living in tents and living nomadically, moving from one location to another.

God said to Noah, “Come, you and your entire house into the ark” (Genesis 7:1) and was not referring to a physical structure, but all that was associated with Noah, particularly the souls represented. When Abraham expressed his concern to God about having no child, he said, “LORD God, What will you give me seeing I am childless and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?” while at the time he had no place of his own but lived in tents, traveling from place to place.

This same thing is true of God. It is not a physical building or temple at all that Jesus cares are focused on when he speaks of his Father’s house because the physical temple, even when it existed, merely represented as a dim shadowy outline of something far greater and of a higher purpose. It was there, in place, like a parable, because the unspiritual mind of mankind could not even begin to grasp the supernatural arena in which God exists, and invites you and I to exist in together with Him.

The Temple was only a model of something, a shadowy outline of the genuine heavenly truth. The zeal of the Son of God is rooted in what was supposed to be represented by the temple at a spiritual level.

Jesus passion and that of the Infinite God and Father is that the presence of the One who is the forming cause of the all, might dwell within men and women in harmonic blended relationship, they governing their spheres of influence together with Him as His own sons and daughters, His own direct offshoots and replicated extensions of Himself.

The Temple was merely a symbolic prophecy of God walking with and communing with man, and man hearing His voice in a relational, dynamic way, His amazing wonder guiding, teaching, instructing, training and advising humankind in His own wisdom and knowledge, His understanding and mannerisms.

What the ‘house’ represents ultimately is the voice of God and this is the central theme of all the writings of scripture beginning in The Book of Genesis on through to Revelation.

Moses told us the purpose of the earthly tabernacle was that God might dwell in the midst of His people and speak to them by voice;

And this (offering) will be a perpetual, entirely consumed offering of ascent at the passageway into the tabernacle of the appointed meeting time and place with the face of the LORD, where I will meet you and I will speak with you there...and I will dwell within the children of Israel (children of the prevailing words), and be their God (Exodus 29:42, 45).

When the apostle Paul brings this Old Covenant scripture into the context of the New and greater Covenant which Jesus has established, he takes the idea into an even deeper level of intimacy. Paul goes from God being among His people to being within each of His people which is the very power resident within Father and child dynamics. This deeper level is consistent with the message of the prophets regarding what would happen with the coming of Christ as he explains;

And what mixture can the temple of God (the place of His voice) have with idols (other voices of influence)? For you, in yourselves, are the very temple of God, just as God has said, 'I will dwell IN them and walk about IN them, and then I will be their God and they will be My people (2nd Corinthians 6:16).

The Revolution I write about and pray about involves God becoming resident and incarnate within those experiencing the powers of reconciliation from being slaves of darkness to being free men and women of light, moving as one with the infinities of God made effective by Jesus Christ, the Firstborn from among the dead race of humanity, the captive sons and daughters of Adam.

There is the negative polarity and the positive polarity, darkness or light, death or life, a life of being subjects of the created/creature or offspring of the Creator who is above all that is created. The sons and daughters of God are the positive polarity. It is destined to fill the whole earth, leaving room for nothing else.

This is the outcome of The Jesus Revolution!

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