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Updated: Aug 16, 2019


The last few days as I've shared my thoughts regarding spiritual Revolution on the God level scale, I have focused on the topic of 'zeal' or what could also be called passion.

I guess you could say the Son of God instructions on living life at the speed of God are quite clear on the idea that if a person desires to equate with God and enmesh themselves with high and eternal purposes, passion is a definite prerequisite to anything happening for you in that arena.

Jesus said things like, "Unless you love me more than..." and then he listed off a series of relationships that are important, yet, none compares to the passion necessary for a person to enter into the state of high and sacred supernatural experience in the Spirit life of Jesus Christ (the God seed) who invites us to join him at the right hand of God.

In fact, Jesus was so adamant about laser focused passion that he spoke of having even the willingness to forsake everything and to die for the cause, if it came down to it, because the cause is just that great.

It takes passion. Whatever a person is called to create and do, if they are to succeed at it and rise to the heights of their ordained excellence, it takes passion. Burning, desire fueled, passion.

Marriages for example that are successful are fueled by two people filled with a burning passion for one another. The same is true of a person's career. The same is true for any high level endeavor if it is to reach the status of arete' which is the Greek word for excellence and the word from which we get our English word 'art'. It takes passion.

We are called to function at high levels in the creative, supernatural arts of God as functional priests in the high magic of the divine, supernatural crafts, in union together with our High Priest, Jesus Christ.

We are to be sharing in the very same dynamic we see active within our Lord Jesus in which we are told , “It was God IN Christ” (2nd Corinthians 5:19) acting, speaking and performing His mighty and wondrous works.

When it comes to the zeal expressed in relation to God's business, we hear King David, the man who was “after God's own heart” (Acts 13:22), and who also was a prophet, speaking to us about the passionate disposition of the Christ saying;

For the zeal (the intense, all-inflaming passions) of Your house have completely consumed Me. The blatant, disgraceful taunting, the disregard of those who disregard You, have fallen on Me and it has gripped me (Psalm 69:9).

Jesus and his apprentices went up to the temple one day and Jesus was enraged by those religious people who were supposed to uphold to the world the witness of mankind's personal, intimate relationship with his Father and didn't. The disintegration of purpose was systemic among them from the alleged leadership who were teaching the people at that time throughout the entire nation, and it is highlighted for our benefit in ways Jesus spoke when he said;

“You phonies and you fakes! You liars and pretenders! So well did Isaiah prophecy of you saying, ‘This people draw near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. In complete vanity do they profess to worship me, proclaiming as authoritative teachings things that are designed to merely please and appease men” (Matthew 15:7-9).

Today it is still deep, deep passion that burns within the heart of the Son of God. But Jesus is not a Zealot in the same way as someone who would take up arms against the Romans, or firebomb an abortion clinic, or fly airplanes into buildings killing thousands of their fellow man in a mistaken idea and false image of who God is. These are people who don't have the first clue regarding the One and only True God and the Father of the Triumphant Champion Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind.

The Son of God is not a Zealot who is a killer and a destroyer of life but is quite the opposite, just as his Father is and in this you and I can begin to glimpse the true nature of our vast international, revolutionary conspiracy. We and He...save lives.

Here, in the teachings of the Christ, we can see its very nature, and we can see where this supernatural Revolution is leading us.

It is a Revolution in which all people everywhere are invited to harmonize with the very power of life on a scale of magnitude that knows no bounds and laughs at mundane words like impossible!

Now...anything can happen! All the rules of possible and impossible have changed forever.

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