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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Revolution And The Chaos Factor

Chaos is the disruption of the order, at least the order we have all become used to. The very nature of chaos is disruption on a level that puts the norm into a state of complete confusion.

The Revolution I am committed to is no different.

In the maelstrom of the upheaval, as transition from one state into another state is taking place, a certain level of havoc is always to be expected and deep reactionary outbursts particularly from those forces currently manipulating the order of things and among those who have bought into their power, that power that is now being replaced by the Revolution.

Revolution of Life!

The Revolution of Christ is not a revolution of death it is a Revolution of Life! There is no more passionate man alive today than this Jesus who was willing to face death for this cause and has gone so far as to stand on the front lines, laying down his own life on the cross for the very cause of life being unleashed upon you and I, liberating us, freeing us from being people subject and bound under the created (the creature) world, and transcending it as the sons and daughters of God, a position greater even than that of angels.

It is this leader, Jesus Christ, being moved to an act of total and selfless offering by a zealous and passionate love for his friends and the cause of all mankind's liberation and reunited relationship with God, who stepping in front if you will as the human shield and has taken the bullet that was meant by the darkness to kill you and I, hatefully destroying mankind in fits of jealous rage against all humanity, who are created to uniquely bear into the cosmos the image and likeness of God.

The Father, the very Creator of life, in response to this act of burning passion for the likes of us, would not allow such a selfless act of love to go unrewarded, but proved the very fabric of creations basis by raising Jesus from the dead, as yet one more sign of His validating approval of his firstborn Son and the very power of God level kind of love and the powerful possibilities it brings to humankind.

Was Jesus a Zealot? Absolutely, and one of the highest possible degree! I guess you could say he had a Blackbelt in passion, Jesus was/is an Ascended Master of it all, replicating the Father among us, clarifying what the image of God really looks like.

But his passion and his war, his enemy and his battleground is not on a mundane and unremarkable scale of petty dispute among jealous, tiny thinking, fearful and therefore power grabbing men and women with tiny thoughts and tiny concepts of the workings of life in this, the earth sector, for all these tiny things of men mean nothing and the tiny ways will all come to an end some day, sooner rather than later as whatever is not born of eternal life has no basis of sustaining. The system called 'the world' has the seeds of its own failure resident within it.

There is chaos on the way. The old order will be and is being overthrown as The Jesus Revolution and the power of love by which the whole creation has been founded, emerges, literally turning what is called, the world upside down.

The Inevitable Has Begun.

The Son of God saw as his Father saw, that the happenings within the creation and among the nations and face to face between people are mere effects controlled by influences that are outside the capacity of the visual spectrum and light waves the human eye is capable of seeing. But just because the higher realm, the realm of spirits, is outside the visual capacity of our eye to see, does not mean they do not exist and they do not in fact exercise influence and control in the humanly visual world that our own eye is capable of registering.

Jesus was/is quite clear regarding his purpose as the direct offshoot of God, as opposed to that of those bound in thought and perception under the influence of the spirit of satan and his lesser powered minions.

Jesus made bold statements in reference to the line differentiating what activities are born out of the expression of the Father of all creation and what is opposed and therefore of the vortex of evil that troubles the earth, destroying its peace. The Christ left no doubt about the nature of God saying;

"The thief (satan and those energized of him) comes only for the purpose of killing, stealing and destroying, but I come for the purpose of echoing forth life, possessing it and echoing it forth in extraordinary, massive, preeminent, unsurpassable and overpowering measures" (John 10:10).

There are two sides of the equation. The one is life in preeminent, infinite and overpowering measures, and the other is death, represented by all that is anti-to the polarity of infinite and unbound life. These are two polarities existing within the animating influences of the spirit world.

You are either for it and the message of the Son of God...or you are against it.

There is no middle ground.

Which power will you choose as your own animating power?

NOTE: The book Jesus And The Revolution! is a manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers.

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