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Updated: Aug 18, 2019


I was walking one day and praying. I could sense the presence of the Pure Spirit of God growing more and more intense as we walked and talked.

Finally, in a way that seemed almost like the Spirit was so excited it could not possibly contain itself any longer, I heard the words, “Nothing is what it appears to be on the surface! Everything in life is spirit!!” This was puzzling to me because it seemed completely out of context in relation to anything we had been previously discussing.

So, I paused and said, “What?” which I find myself doing a lot these days. And then it came back very slowly as if maybe, by speaking the words more s-l-o-w-l-y, my addled earth bound brain might be better able to grasp what was said. Well it worked because just as soon as it came the second time saying, “Nothing…is...what…it…appears…to…be! Everything...in...life...is...spirit!!!”, my eyes lit up with a pictographic vision.

In the picture I saw a movie set with a man and a woman being filmed on the sound stage. I was focused on their acting and the drama they were involved in but then the picture began to draw back from them and I started seeing all of the people who never in their life make the cameras. There were directors, producers, writers, makeup people, camera operators, lighting technicians, set designers and on and on even down to the food catering staff and the security guards at the door. It was fascinating.

As I watched, it came to me that the picture we eventually see on the movie screen is only a result. There would be no movie on the screen were it not for the influence of all the things that were happening behind the scenes. Even the lines the actors spoke and their movements were all results of what could not be seen in those invisible places off the stage. The actors themselves were merely animating according to all the activity no one’s eye could ever see. The words I was being given started making sense.

The scene ended, and as I stood there contemplating this, I was directed to look at the big Poplar trees around me.

As I looked, it came to me that a tree is a tree and even a specific kind of tree because that was the life represented within its motive force. A tree was a Poplar tree because its motive force at the core existence was that of a Poplar, just as an Apple Tree is what it is because of the animating life force that is at work in it, forming its expression into the world.

It started making sense then that everything, virtually everything in all of existence is what it is, in its unique expression and specific form, because at some core level of molecular existence there was an animating life force at work, and the thing becomes the expression of whatever animating life force is there, at the deepest irreducible level of its core fractal, at the central level of the heart and root of its existence.

God strikes this theme for us in the first phase of the restoration of earth when He says;

"And God said, 'Earth, shoot forth grass, seed (virile semen) scattering herb, the fruit tree scattering fruit after its kind whose seed (virile semen) is in itself on the earth, and it happened just like that. And coming out of the earth then was grass, herb scattering seed (virile semen) and fruit tree scattering fruit whose seed (virile semen) was in itself, after its kind and God saw and distinguished by judgment that this was harmonious, good, excellent, happy and prosperous" (Genesis 1:11-12).

Everything According To Kind

We started this current series of posts talking about passions, fire and reproduction and now we come to the fact that all reproduction is according to kind, according the seed, the virile semen that has and is initiating its current existence.

This is true in creation, but is it only true of natural things?

No, not at all, because the natural things are merely physical representations of divine, spirit truths that in fact, are the behind the scenes animating influence of what any created thing expresses.

Everything is what it is because of the animating energy active within its core. Human beings, and their expressions into the world are no different.

The question remains then, "Who is YOUR Daddy?" With what spirit animating energies is the person in active dynamic harmony with? Who or what is 'fathering' the expressions being projected into the individuals surroundings. Is it the Spirit of God's wholeness...or something else?

Humanity within creation is one of the highest of spiritual species. The difficulty is in our capacity to receive spirit communications that are being broadcast our direction, yet since mankind's experience with the tree of mixture, the tree of both good and evil, the poison within that fruit (whatever it was) has taken away humanity's capacity to discern the voice of God and the voice of other spirit entities. We may go into this more, but people literally take on the persona and expression of whatever kind of spirit influence they choose to traffic with, whether good or evil. What the person is trafficking with is first active within their thoughts and imaginations, those imaginations being the pictorial images feeding them via their broadcast that the individual somehow gives credence to.

In one's encounter with Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, a new vista opens to the person as the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God enters the person and new and high visions and high wisdom now becomes possible and a way of being that is as high and commensurate as God, our welcoming Father.

Through the rebirthing of our being, an entire new world can be experienced as the poison from the tree of mixture is banished and new clarity comes as they begin listening to the Spirit of God speaking within them.

NOTE: The book currently titled The Revolution Is ON! is a manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers.

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