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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The Future Is In The Seed

Did you know...that already hidden within the seed is a replication of everything it is to be? One of the most startling references in the ancient writings speaks about the law of the seed and the power of "whatever it is that a man sows...that will he also reap."

There is something about the divine machinery of the universe that is undeniable on either the physical scale of visibility as well as the spiritual scale of invisibility. There is indeed, far more going on than what meets the eye.

Everything done in the outward expression of a person's life is at its deepest foundational core, at that deepest recess of all levels, that place that exists in the spirit part at the inside center of our being, is the result of an invisible yet animating energy and influence of one type or another.

The fact remains however, that the way is open for your Father to be God, for you to be born of the seed of God, and your source of animation into life to be His Spirit and to be so all the time.

The miracle of the new birthing possibility as explained by Jesus is found in God sharing the greatness of Himself with and within you. The whole concept of 'Christ' for example, has direct reference to the God seed of His own self being the activating power of life within the individual.

The life of our Revolution that I keep referring to is not a life of entertainment on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings or more, held captivated and unremarkably isolated in a four walled building somewhere.

The very beginnings of this way, the foundations on which this high sourced life are formed all speak of separation of our life actions to this divine DNA that has entered into our own central life animating essence. The life is a clear transference out from the species of direct fatherhood of Adam we were born into as flesh and blood, earth encumbered men and women by means of what we classically call 'the fall', and into the generation of a new force of life in the genesis point of our very fountain of existence. The new life is referred to as an eternal dimension of life.

The Seed of the One Is the Other Too

The sum of the total is in the seed. This is true whether we are talking about plant seed, animal seed or human seed. The full measure of the 100 year old oak was all there in the seed that at one time, just the seed was all that it was.

It was a seed of pure Oak Tree life emerging in continuous Oak Tree power, but not only was the pure Oak Tree life in that one virile seed, it was in every preceding seed stemming all the way back to the one original created seed that began it all, and from it replication occurred.

So it is with the life seed of God and His sons and daughters. What is to be, the very image and likeness of God, is there in all the splendor of what it is prophetically to be, in the seed of His replication in us.

By the insemination of His very Spirit into us as we accept Jesus as the Christ (the God seed), he being the last Adam and generation of a new God fathered humanity of which Jesus is the beginning point (like a divine tuning fork to which all the sons and daughters become attuned) and Firstborn Son of a multitude of replicates bearing the same image and likeness, and all of the eternal potential spanning all of His eternal existence and power, is now present within us too.

It is the nature of the seed.

Through the regenesis, history is now altered. The God seed has come into the earth and the most important question is, “Has it come into you?” and then, “Do you understand the full implications of your own regenesis and the outcome it is designed to produce in you?”

The regeneration comes with a built in passion for the active voice of God to be known by you.

The Spirit of God becomes the heartbeat and the pulse of the person so born. The desire is toward the heavens where Christ (the very essence of the God seed) is seated at the right hand of God with a deep longing to know what that space and place and expression is like in a state of personal, real and continuous flow.

Divine curiosity overtakes us.

Like an infant, we feed again and again on the full and overflowing life there and are taken in by all the expanse that is now surrounding us. Our entire reality is now wrapped up in this face of love that has its eyes continually fixed on us, seemingly as fascinated with us as we are with the face of love we now see so clearly.

NOTE: The Revolution Is ON! is a manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers.

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