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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Spiritual Rebirthing - An Explosive Experience!

Though you may not yet be there in all of its fullness, still, once a person experiences supernatural rebirthing by the Spirit of God, the hunger to be like your Father is undeniable.

The power of the new birth, the regenesis, is explosive in its origins.

In the same way the child passes from the confines of the mother’s womb, into a world that is now infinite in scope, so is it with our birth and transition from a dark and closed in place into the wide open spaces of the infinite inheritance the Father has prepared (created in advance) of our arrival into the new world of the supernatural.

There are four initial elements to this explosion into the Fathers dimension as related to us in the Book of Hebrews, these being considered ‘foundation points’;

'With this then as the background picture, as we move forward from the origination points of the instructive words of Christ, let us be borne onward toward our fullest possible measure, not having to repeat again and again continually the actions of establishing the foundation of repentance (turning away from) actions energized by anything and everything that is of death, and then turning instead toward faith (full persuasion, fully listening, fully harmonizing and animating) in those things that are of God, and then too of the instruction regarding the baptisms." (Hebrews 6:1-2).

In closing out these thoughts on on zeal, passion and the spiritual persons hunger for the voice of God, it is important in my mind as a Foundationalist to touch on these things that are at the start of the start and the beginning of the beginning of the Jesus Revolutionaries life.

We are invited by the Firstborn Son of God into a supernatural transition from encapsulation within an earth only bondage of awareness, into a reorientation instead within the new and vast, far, far superior Holy Spirit orientation which is boundless. We will touch here on the first four of the foundations though you will notice there are in fact seven that are referenced as you keep reading Hebrews chapter 6.

1). Repentance From Dead Works

But the very first foundation to be securely laid in our new supernatural orientation is our habitual turning away from, as a learned process of discard, any and all works, or energized expressions into creation, instigated by elements of death. The word ‘works’ as in dead works is the Greek word ‘ergon’ meaning an undertaking, a business or employment, that which one is occupied by and in the realms of science it is the word used to describe a unit of energy.

The idea of our turning away from death and any unit of energy whose basis is emanating from that which is tainted by death instead of life is critical foundational point number one in bringing us back again into alignment with our created purpose. In Adam it is said that “all die” which speaks to the orientation and consequence of separation from God who is the very Fountain of Life.

If your Revolution is a Revolution of life, then death is no longer relevant to your paradigm.

The stunning news (the ‘gospel’) of Jesus brings this very thing to us and it is the challenge to you and I to stretch ourselves into harmonic alignment with something that is the most incredible shift humankind has ever known since our tragic and confused exit from Eden.

Listen carefully to these words;

"But now (God’s eternal purpose) has been made clearly and openly manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death, terminating all our intercourse with it, and has instead brought to light pure life and immortality based upon the gospel, the ‘good’ news." (2nd Timothy 1:10).

In the falling away, man became spiritually mixed or “mixed up”, having lost or nullified his sense of clarity or we could say his powers of discernment, unleashing within him no clear capacity to distinguish between good and evil, as the tree represents a fruit that blended into one essence both.

But in the first vital foundation, repentance from dead works, there is instigated within us a process of turning away from the spirit animating influences whose actions produce any strains of death in any of its variant manifestations, because the acts hold in them the animating negative energy of influence stemming from the root of death, they being fathered and originated (genesis/generated) by the spiritual negatives of death.

2). Faith Towards God

But the turning from is only the first move, and if we only make the first move we create as it were a spiritual vacuum that must be filled and will eventually be filled with something. We're not just turning from the animating ergon or energies of death, but the turn must be complete as we turn toward a living experience in which our life source is drawn from the animating seed of God that has entered into us.

Now we become attentive hearers and responders, if we understand the magnitude of what has taken place within us, of the new resource of our life.

We seek to that which flows out of the Spirit fountain of pure life and what is immortal in its very essence, we are instructed by it and it is our pursuit in everything we do.

The new life source is there to be our all in all so that we, like the mighty Oak Tree, can move onward toward our fully destined measure to be just exactly like our Christ/Last Adam/Mentor, the second and last Head or beginning point of what turns out to be a whole new race of humanity God has created to inherit the earth, the children, the sons and daughters of God, the direct genetic offshoots of God in image and likeness.

”Therefore, if any man is now in Christ he is a new and unprecedented creation, he is instead in and of the entirely new creation, and every old and prior thing of his former incarnation has passed away, and as you look, you see, that all things that are generating in reference to him are completely new.

And all of these things are now streaming toward us and echoing within us directly out from God, who has reconciled us to Himself, unifying us together with His own gracious favor, this favor being founded entirely upon Jesus Christ…” (1st Corinthians 5:17-18).

3 & 4). The Instruction on Baptisms

We have covered turning from and turning to, but then there is the third true and aligning critical element, and it is actually two distinct elements in themselves, but called together the singular instruction of baptisms, as a plural. We are shown there are two baptisms or immersions mentioned in scripture fitting hand in glove together as key foundation stones of this life we are now building in the context of our own regenesis.

The first of the two baptisms in a general order is water baptism. The second of the two is Holy Spirit baptism and I think we have as the offshoots of God, often throughout history, missed the point many times on both counts regarding the deep significance of these two supernatural immersions.

Because we may have not been in tune with the power points relevant to these foundations, we are left with large masses of people who profess a belief in Christ, but at the same time seem to be quite anemic.

In water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism, before the face of God, we are sealing the deal of eternal purpose upon our hearts.

In these immersions, the one in water acts as a demarcation and point of death and cleansing to all that has gone before in our lives as spiritually bound sons of Adam, living in an experiential state of disconnect from all the inheritance God has provided you and I, and the other baptism in the Pure Spirit animating energy and essence of the infinite God Himself, is an embarkation into all that we are now empowered to be, to know, and to participate in, in the mission and administration of our Father's grand and amazing business in a divinely ordained unification of His being into our being.

If understood clearly and taught with the strength of their meaning, these foundation stones become the point of no return for the man or woman entering into the new Spirit generated Revolution of life.

A Catapulting Birth

These four foundation stones in particular become the impassioned Zealot's immersion into the global Revolution. It is a baptism into the eternal purposes of the Almighty God whereby we become His vessels, His very sons and daughters, His direct genetic offshoots and the very offspring of Himself, the princes and princesses of an infinite Divine Rule and a Divine Realm of the supernatural, which is above and beyond the physical and natural worlds as well as the invisible worlds of spirits, this new dimension being called the Kingdom of God.

The Head of us all, the tuning fork and the Master Teacher is this One man, this Jesus, who already has triumphed over all things darkened with the negative polarity of the death and is now seated appropriately at the highest place of all administration of all things in heaven and in earth and is directing the activities of the sons and daughters as Governor of the children in the conquest of this yet spiritually discordant sector of the creation called earth.

Beautiful, yet tainted still, the meek will inherit the earth and this is our Father's infallible promise.

Ah, the Revolution! It is the exorcism of death in any negative tainted form in which it appears.

"The LORD will go forth as a man of great might; He will stir up passions and zeal just like a man of war. He will cry, yes even roar and He will prevail against His enemies" (Isaiah 42:13).

With all of this in mind there is only one question remaining to be answered. So, who's your daddy?

Your point of origin, the life force actively and willingly permeating you, will determine your kind. It becomes your ‘internal compass point’ that orients every motion of your life.

For this cause Christ, the Son, the God seed, the last Adam, has entered into the world, to transform the operational root of life by which those who receive him express themselves into the planetary space God has created for us, and to eradicate the bitterness marring the creation through the disjointed spirit(s) of darkness.

Their time was and now their time is done. The order of angels who left their first estate is over and now the order of the Sons of God has come.

Things have changed.

The call is going out into all the earth and the trumpet sound of the words and tone of God are reaching all the ends of the earth. Are you listening?

Better yet, are you harmonizing and becoming a re-broadcaster of His sound?

With what sound do you vibrate?

NOTE: The Revolution Is ON! is a manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers.

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