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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

“Spirit Wars and Spirit Cultures”

In the Book of Genesis, as the story of the invasion of God into the earth sector begins, we see the very core of our Father's own being revealed within His incredible first statement as He decrees into the darkness, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) and the invasion begins.

In the invasion by God, the power of darkness is clearly set at naught and shown to be the far lesser power to the light, and then a separate place is made called a firmament which has its own spirit related connotations in what is above and what is below.

Have you ever noticed the strange thing missing on day two of this invasion?

It is highly puzzling at first as to why the firmament was not pronounced “good” by God like everything else that is formed in the first chapter of The Book. It is a detail easily missed. But it is a detail that may well be of incredibly deep significance.

After the firmament, the dry land appears in harmony with the Word of God. Then by the Word of God the earth begins to bring forth abundantly the grasses and the herbs and trees bearing seed. After this the waters are filled with living creatures at the Word of God and into the sky go an abundance of birds also by that Word. Then on the dry land living creatures appear at the Word of God.

And the ultimate crown upon it all is man on what is called the 'sixth' day, made in the image and likeness of God Himself, created to live in perfect blended spiritual communion with Him. It is only then that God looks on it all and proclaims, “It is VERY good” (Genesis 1:31).

In the record, we find the repeating expression of God toward all the living things is;

And God blessed them saying, 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill... (Genesis 1:22).

And God blessed them and God said to them, “Be fruitful, and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28).

It is Life and expansion, Life and expansion, or should we say the expansion of Life replicating over and over again in continual multiplicity as is its very nature?

In this Grand Opening and the revelation of God, where the stage is set for one of the most remarkable things we need to know about our Father. The Power of infinite, ultimate and boundless life is incumbent to the mighty Power who is God.

We see from the start of the amazing saga of His eternally emerging person and integrated purpose that in the wake of the motions of God, in the wake of His vibrational sound, frequency of broadcast or voice, there is always life flowing and expanding out in incredible abundance, in extraordinary, massive, preeminent, overpowering and unstoppable measures.

Life and expansion is the God effect.

We find further as the revelation progresses, it is when things withdraw from the person of God that the death and darkness, and oppressions and the dark judgments occur by natural consequence. The withdrawal or the misalignment with the life that is God is what is traditionally called sin which means: To miss the mark, to be incongruent with an intended parameter or purpose, to be no longer sharing (as in an inheritance).

Withdraw from light and of course the natural consequence is dark. If one chooses to withdraw from the Central Power Generator of Pure Life, the natural consequence is death. It is a clear cause and effect sequence.

Let There Be Mud?

The apprentices of Jesus are encouraged by the apostle John to “test the spirits (the animating energies) to know whether or not they are of God” (1st John 4:1).

The things of the spirit energies are not some befuddled mess that can never be understood. There are very clear lines of demarcation that tell us when one “kind” ends and where another “kind” begins. From the start we are privileged to see, everything replicates according to its kind.

There is a fundamental element to all things.

It was in the falling away that Adam and Eve lost the power of discernment when they became spiritually “mixed”. Prior to their acceptance of satan (one created versus the Creator) as a credible voice of influence to believe in a distinct anti-thesis to God, they knew only the purity of the Father's voice and His life expanding influence, as seen in the acts of God we have just described in The Genesis record above.

The nature of God remains the same always as God cannot deny His own true self. God cannot be anything but God. The God of Life, light and expansion that we see in the first revealing, is the same God who will continue to replicate according to the same pattern in your life and in my life today.

The nature and effect of the one true God never changes as God is eternally true to God.

In this is a key to the mission we are participants in and to the distinctive battle lines that clarify what is what and who is who.

The Tree of Mixture

But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is at best a tree of mixture. It is a tree of cloudiness and confusion in which there are no clear distinctions of the flavors. In it there is a dulling of the spiritual taste buds if you will and without that capacity for clarity is also spiritual susceptibility.

God is a God of clarity. We learn this when He says, “Let there be light.” God did not come to the languishing, devoured and darkened earth and declare, “One is as good as the other. Let's blend it all together. I know, 'Let there be gray!” Nor did God say, “Well, the water and the earth really could just be one mixed entity. I know the solution, 'Let there be mud!”

God made clear distinctions from the very start. There is light and there is darkness. There is that which is above and that which is below. There is that which is stable (dry land) and that which is unstable (the waters). Then there are the clear distinction of the seed and the kind.

The tragic loss that occurred with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the loss of capacity to discern the spirits with light and dark, high and low, good and evil clarity. One seemed as good as the other, but this is not the case. Lukewarm, the blending of hot and cold is a sickness (see Revelation 3:16).

Dullness of discernment leads to pain, suffering and death. If you think for a minute about your own five senses and what might happen to you without them it becomes clearer. What if you lost the sense of feeling for example?

With the disability, you would never know that the fire is hot, so hot in fact that it could burn you alive and you wouldn't know it was killing you. We know there are increased dangers when we can't see or hear, or can't discern whether a thing is a sweet fruit or a bitter poison, or if we can't smell a rotten odor of decaying foods.

It is clear. The loss of natural senses puts us at a disadvantage. Our world becomes limited, our functionality is compromised and our fears and difficulties increase. Our ability to know what is really happening around us in our world is indistinct and our capacity to act or react appropriately within it is severely disadvantaged. We don't know what might be coming down the road at us because we can't see it. We become vulnerable to our predators.

Loss of the most critical sense of all, the capacity of spirit distinction, is the tragedy of the fall of man. What is true in the natural regarding the physical senses is true in the spiritual also, but at a much heightened level of importance because of the effects upon creation and upon our own lives.

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