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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Heightening Spiritual Capacity

As a person comes to Jesus the Christ who is the first man of the newborn humanity of the Spirit reborn sons of God, there is forgiveness that is granted as a gift from God, a lifting off of all the bondage they have been under as surrendered members of the 'Adam Generation', and from that point forward they enter into an entirely new state of being, so entirely new in every way there is an orientation process that soon begins.

Forgiveness means in both the Hebrew (nasa) and in the Greek (aphiemi) that a thing is lifted off, that it is gone away and has departed, that every conceivable claim that could possibly be laid against the person is nullified and that it is carried off and swept away, the former record being completely purged. There is a cancellation of all that is often referred to as sin, and by that we mean everything relative to the person’s life which has a root of some kind in death and separateness from God and His wonderful inheritance made ready for His sons and daughters.

This state of separateness (sin - to be living outside of the inheritance provided) is what causes the muddy condition in the person’s life and confusion about the image and likeness of God and the vast nature of His love for them, leaving them in a state of spiritual confusion and dulled capacity to discern the spiritual elements, leaving the person in a state of spiritual blindness in which they struggle to see the incredible inheritance God has created for them. It is this state of ignorance, and by that we do not mean stupidity, just a lack of proper information, that has held the person in a state of bondage to the vortices at work within the sin/death negative paradigm of the Adam Generation of persons.

But now by the love of God, all of that former condition being lifted from off of them, combined together with a new propensity to set themselves apart now strictly for divine uses of the highest, most positive nature, they are free to interact with the world as a container of God (the clarity, the sensitivity, the inclusiveness in the inheritance) as all of life and experience becomes entirely new to them.

The magnitude of it all is so vast it is difficulty for us to assimilate as our minds have been conditioned to an idea that the creature/creation is power over us just as when we were still under the mental fixation of the Adam Generation instead of the Creator and His love being the new central axis point of our new genesis, calling us to enjoy and explore the immensity of His very own being.

In this state of conversion, we find the Holy Spirit energy of God in its own state of wholeness is released to the new man or woman, to saturate and immerse them inside and out, awakening their spiritual senses for themselves as a benefit first, but then also for the whole world to see and know, to witness and experience through them. The children of God become the active agents of the Father in the earth, which He has given them as part of their inheritance.

The person becomes living evidence, or should become so if they understand the image and likeness of the Father, knowing now or learning now of the distinctions between life and death, being observed by those in their world watching the dramatic change in the person person and their life trajectory as a new, radiating offshoot of God. The children become the living proof of the existence of their Father and all of His rich splendor.

By the divine immersion of life under outpourings of the Holy Spirit energy (think of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Wholeness), the person receives the capacity to become dramatically re-polarized in their being from the influence of darkness to the influence of pure light, and every good thing like God in every good work begins flowing in them from this new paradigm. As the “re-Spirited and re-energized person” then grows in their personal capacity to hear the voice of God’s presence in them, guiding their life to ever increasing measures of life, the individual’s ability to discern the spirit energies acting around them also increases.

They become the direct genetic extensions (the sons and daughters) of God in the earth. This is the Jesus message to us.

At the foundational core, everything in life is based in spirit (invisible) energies, animating the things rooted into them and functioning in harmony with those energies. The newly rooted person begins the process then of balancing the components of their eternal soul that has been previously habituated in oppressive energies, back toward the original created purpose for humanity, leading them ultimately, if they continue listening and responding, into powerful, fully blended harmony with God.

The God dynamic will ultimately affect every awareness and expression and will even have the power to ultimately effect the material substance of their physical body (see 1st Corinthians 15:51-57).

Identifying the active, living counsel of the Spirit energy of God within us becomes a continuing and enlarging exercise and as we head toward a status of total congruence, just as we see demonstrated in our Journeyman Mentor Jesus Christ, we begin taking on increasing measures of God's own reflection of Himself within us.

Like Father...like son. Like Father...like daughter.

Jesus Christ set the precise tone for the rightly polarized human condition and it is by that standard all men will ultimately be examined for congruence with ‘the norm’, compared to and judged accordingly (Acts 17:31). "This salvation was made available to you. Did you receive it and accept it?"

There is no other standard but ‘the norm’ of Jesus.

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