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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Abundant Life…It’s Never Ending life…It’s Ever Expanding Life

We discussed in a previous post the nature of God, that it is an expanding power of eternal, never ending life spreading everywhere without an end.

There is a Hebrew word relevant to the name and therefore nature of God that is truly indicative of His eternally inevitable, continuously expanding splendor of life. The word I want to share with you is the word is “yasha”.

What? What is 'Yasha'?

Maybe you’ve never heard of it before or maybe you have. It is a word that threads itself within the revelation of God throughout The Book, and once you see it, you will begin to understand more clearly the immensity of what we have become a part of and the extent and nature of The Revolution.

Yasha means:

To make wide, to enlarge all the more, to make more spacious than before, to open, to free, to give unrestricted freedom of movement, to give the freedom to breathe, to be unbound, to be released from all that would limit, to be greater than what is, to liberate, to give unlimited expanse, to be all sufficient and sufficient for all things, to have no outer limit, to know or have no end.

The concept of yasha is what we could refer to as eternal life.

Though you might think of eternal life in terms relative to a linear, chronological idea of time, restricting it to a mere timeline would be preventive in your thoughts and limiting to everything that is implied by the word yasha.

Eternal life, or yasha, like the God who is the Source from whom it comes by means of His very nature and being, is Life that is void of any element or concept of a restricting limit on any level, or in reference to any topic you may wish to address.

Yasha is the word that is translated 205 times in the ancient writings into the English word ‘salvation’ and its myriad of derivatives like, save, saved, saves, rescue, delivered, deliverer, defend, avenged, avenging, preserve, preserves, preserved, help, helped, savior, saviors, victory, and safe.

Do you get the picture? Do you see that God who calls Himself according to the power that is Yah, and His Son, Yashua (literally meaning the Yasha-man) is extending to you and I the grace of salvation which is a state of Yasha life. This is life that no matter what direction you would go in attempting to explore its maximum reach, has no outward limitation. It can never be exhausted.

The heavens are open to us by the power of Jah (Yah). By the open heaven of His presence we become partakers of limitless life, unbound and unrestricted in whatever direction you want to look. Just pick one and begin walking and you can go forever.

What remains to us on our side is our capacity to assimilate the magnitude of what has happened to us and to enter into this arena by our simple agreements of faith in a finished work already accomplished by Jesus. We will get to that more as we move forward.

The Yasha Antonym: The Anti-Yasha

Hebrew language scholars say it is still difficult for our minds to grasp the full meaning of “yasha” and what is being conveyed by the high pictographs of ‘salvation’ without looking simultaneously at its direct antithesis. The opposite and contrasting word to yasha is the Hebrew word “sarar”. You will see what I mean, I hope, when we define this word.

Sarar means:

To make more narrow, to bind , to restrict the breath, to oppress, to limit, to make a thing smaller, to make less than was before, to make tight, to make inadequate, to make inferior, to make insufficient.

Between the two polar opposites we have a clear and stunning contrast. The nature of one is to expand and liberate and that is Yasha. The nature of the other is to oppress and bind and that is sarar. Now, let’s go deeper.

We know “Yasha” refers to God and life in every way on a scale of infinity, but the interesting thing about the word “sarar” is that it comes from the Hebrew root “sar”. This root word indicates that it is a power of a type and that type or 'kind' of power is the cause of the negative effects we have outlined.

The Hebrew word “sar” infers person-hood meaning: a captain, a prince or principality, a general (as in war). The word sar is translated in Exodus as taskmasters in reference to the Egyptians who placed oppressive works upon the Israelites and were the enforcers of their slavery.

What we are talking about in relation to opposites spiritually, is the contrast of a prince or principality, a spirit entity or personage with a reasoning intelligence and animating energy whose ruling effect of presence and projection induces conditions of “sarar”.

Now a power in itself is not evil, but a power whose impetus, energy and effect is what we are describing here, is indeed evil in direct contrast to the God effect which is the flourishing of indomitable life at a magnitude of infinity.

You could say that one is implosive, like a black hole, sucking the life out of everything (sarar), while the other is explosive, like light energy (yasha).

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