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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

He Who Rides Upon the Heavens

We are well advised not to take the name of the LORD who is our God (the very power of Life itself) in vain. What this means puzzles many, but the statement doesn’t have to.

The statement is instructing us to consider carefully the full impact of that name (power, person, presence) and all that is represented by it, because the name is not small or limited in any way, it is vast and incomprehensible to so many who are trapped within the minor 'earth only' mindset .

To diminish God (the beginning and axis of all creation) or limit God in any way is not at all in our best interest and so, the warning both to not take the name in vain, as well as the second commandment to not limit God by attempting to convey His immensity by making Him like some limiting, graven image, is one of the most sensible instructions one can embrace.

Neither God’s name nor God’s power can be contained. To make it small is to run against the grain of the entire universe, which may actually still be expanding according to some elements of science. But just as vitally important, if we hold within us some limitation in reference to God, it likewise limits our own personal capacity to channel the magnitude of His incredible love based splendor toward us and receive from His incredible magnitude of self determined love and all of its benefits.

In Psalm 68 we are instructed that He who rides upon the heavens (and is therefore greater than that which He rides upon), has a name and His name is ‘Yah’ (or Jah). Hebrew like all languages utilizes parts of words to create compounds that build into other words sometimes, thus further enhancing the meaning of the root word. It is the nature of languages to do this.

Yasha (see Entry Twenty for explanation) is one of those compound words and is distinctly related to the word ‘Yah’ from which we also get the even more compound and picturesque word Yahweh (Jehovah) which is most often translated into the word LORD (capitalized) in the English versions of the scripture writings.

The use of just one English word to translate the various words God uses in self description is unfortunate in many ways as it can take away from the more subtle nuances of the meaning in Hebrew. Suffice it to say that Yah is at the root of both the name of God when spoken of as Jah (Yah) and Jehovah (Yahweh) and as we will see further, the name Joshua (Yahsha-Waw, in short form) from which translators in a roundabout way eventually made into the name we know as Jesus, representing the Son of God, but keep in mind the root in the name Jesus or the more accurate Joshua is actually in the ‘Yah’ portion of the Yashua.

Confused? Don't be. Just relax and gently follow through the above progression again.

In other words, there is a distinct line of connection between all these. ‘Yah’ is connected to ‘Yasha’ (translated as salvation), which is connected to ‘Yahweh (Jehovah), which is connected to ‘Yashua’ (Joshua/Jesus). These are compound words all possessing the same core and base beginning point.

The name Joshua (Jesus) becomes the combination of Hebrew ‘Yasha’ combined with the Hebrew alphabet letter ‘waw’ also known as ‘vav’ which is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and being such is representative of ‘man’, who was created on the sixth day.

I know that what I just said above is a lot of technical stuff, but it is extremely important to our understanding of God and therefore our own selves too as those purposefully and uniquely designed to be the reflective mirrors of His infinite splendors in the earth. What we come to is this:

That God is the fountain of limitless and ever streaming Yasha life, and that is linked eternally to His name and therefore the very nature of all God infinitely is and does, and that Jesus (Joshua or Yasha-waw) is quite literally the revelation of ‘Yasha-man’ or what it is when ‘Yah or Jah’ who is ‘Yasha’ or salvation becomes embodied or incarnate within a human being. What I just said should stagger your mind.

It is the Presence and Spirit energy and expressed Word (voice, broadcast and vibrational frequency) of Yahweh or Yah-Hey-Waw-Hey in the Hebrew (Jehovah) who reveals Himself in the writings of scripture. What is He doing? He is aggressively invading into the conditions of darkness that the earth creation is immersed within as the Genesis begins (Genesis 1:1-3).

Once God appears and speaks according to the consistency of His nature into the dark and devoured conditions over which the Holy Spirit energy of God has been brooding, things begin to change and change rapidly. Life emerges. The words of God are ‘yasha’ style saving, healing and restoring words whose power is ultimate, for every word of God is an eternally based judgment.

As long as we are here we might as well point out that the brooding of the Spirit of God over a condition ultimately draws forth the Word of God upon it. Once the Word comes, and the Word of God being inviolate as the Word is an eternally rooted judgment, the Word causes whatever it is spoken over to form according to it regardless of what it was before. Now, that is power.

It is also the point of spiritual prayers of intercession. As the power of the Holy Spirit broods from within us as the sons and daughters of God over any discordant condition we observe on the earth where the energies of death instead of life are actively present, these intercessions lead to answers from our Father. These answers then bring forth from within us, in our spirit to Spirit communion, the Word of Life over a condition of darkness, that Word then as we speak it, destroys the present negative condition and re-polarizes it to a condition of life.

The vibrational reality of the voice and Word directly from God flowing through us is the proclamation of an eternal judgment. There is no power sustainable against the Word of God.

No matter how you look at it, integral to the name and therefore the nature of God is ‘yasha’ level saving power. Out from within ‘Yah’ emerges ‘Yasha’. Out from within ‘Yah’ emerges ‘Yashua’, incarnating within the sons and daughters. Out from within ‘Yah’ emerges the revelation of ‘Yahweh’ and all of this is relative to salvation.

“Expound upon this and demonstrate it! Come and draw near for counsel and advice that harmonizes us together as one, hearing so you can follow! From the most ancient of times it has been declared and demonstrated that Yahweh is God (the Power) and apart from My adjustments and power there is no Savior (Yasha). Apart from Me there is none to ever be seen.

Look to Me and be saved (yasha) all you ends of the earth, for I am God.

I have sworn by Myself. The word has gone forth out of My mouth in righteousness and will not turn back again, that to Me every knee will bow and every tongue will swear.” (Isaiah 45:22-24).

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