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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

God Honors Heart Over Behavior

It has always been a matter, not of external conformity to a rule while the heart stands in defiance, but a matter of the union of hearts, minds and purposes in oneness with the Father. Heart has always been the order.

In the eyes of God it is not a matter of the behavior first, it is a matter of the unconcealed heart first. God looks on the heart of the man or woman.

Though the behavior may in fact be wrong, if the heart is correct God knows with coaching and practice and encouragement, the behavior will align with the power of infinite life too, like a child learning to walk, or learning to talk, or learning to function in his or her father's trade or business.

When God found King David, He found a man whose heart was after His own and He loved him, even overlooking David’s flaws, which seemed to be many, but were no surprise to God at all.

And when He had removed him (Saul), He raised up for them David to be their king to whom also He gave His own testimony saying, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart who will fulfill all My pleasures, delights, passions and joys’ (Acts 13:22).

But the LORD said to Samuel (the prophet), ‘Do not look merely on his countenance, or on the height of his stature, because I have refused him. Man sees man and considers with his eye. The LORD sees the heart’ (1st Samuel 16:7).

For if there first and foremost at the point of initiation, exists a willing (zealous, eager, ready and inclined) mind and heart, it is accepted (received for deep intimacy and blessing) according to what a man has, not according to what a man does not yet have (2nd Corinthians 8:12).

The expanding power of life is formed from the interactions of the Holy Spirit on the inside of a man or woman, in the true Temple of the heart of each individual that has apprenticed him or herself to Jesus, who is the Journeyman and Master Craftsman regarding the supernatural things of God.

This is the way of the sons of God and consequently the earth is re-polarized by the catalyst that is Jesus Christ, now living and now replicating by the same Spirit within the individuals whose heart has been given to him for complete realignment with the Father;

And Jesus answered them saying, 'My Father works here and there, in a certain place and at a certain time and I do the exact same thing as well (precisely what He is doing). Because he said these words the Jews looked more intently for an opportunity to kill him, because not only did he disregard the (their) Sabbath rules but also said God was his Father, in effect making himself equal to (on the exact same operational level as) God (John 5:17-18).

For every person who is brought along from place to place and destination to destination by the direct exclusive influence of the Spirit of God, these in fact are the ones who are the sons (offspring, offshoots, direct generative extensions) of God. For the Spirit we have been given is not one that binds us up in a constant state of terrified dread, but we have received the Spirit of total acceptance and welcome smiling love, by which we cry out from the depths of our being, 'the Father is my very own generative force of life'...for the whole of the creation is right now waiting with excited enthusiasm for the manifestation of these sons (offspring, offshoots, generative extensions) of God (Romans 8:14-19).

The direct, generative extensions of God. Imagine that if you will.

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