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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The War Rages In The Spirit Realm

The war for this planet is raging and The Revolution is ON! This is the Revolution we first read about as we open The Book of prophecies (The Bible) and become enthralled in reading spiritual words and witness God the Creator invading a dark and devoured place called 'earth' declaring into it, "Let there be light!"

The weapons of the Revolution culminate in something we could call God's own secret weapon to subdue the darkness and the death, and that secret weapon is mankind, fascinating beings who are uniquely designed to bear His own image and likeness as direct genetic offspring, as the sons and daughters of God.

You can believe it...or not. Whether you do or don't will have far reaching impact on your life and the lives of those around you, including entire nations, but that's for us to discuss on another day, the rippling effect of one's faith towards God.

War is a state of conflict between two opposing ideas, cultures, visions of the future and outcomes and when we enter the arena of spirit based animating impetus, there exists very clear distinctions between the Spirit of Life whose core and motive force is ever sustaining and expanding life, versus what we call ‘darkness’ whose motive force is just the opposite and whose vision of the future and its acculturation is ever and always death and the ever devouring negativity of death, and lack, and oppression.

The two, life and death, are polar opposites. We discussed this earlier when we covered the difference between Yasha (Hebrew for salvation, triumph and freedom) and 'sarar' (often used in Hebrew to describe oppression).

It is a violent conflict of war we are now engaged in as spirit level warriors and taking up the battle cry of this war is the mission of everyone who would call themselves a follower of Jesus the Christ of God, who is the epitome of man in revolutionary defiance of all the darkness and effects of death's negativity and oppression of every kind, at every level.

This defiance is an act whose origin begins within God, in complete divine operation within the ordained vessels of His own kind, they being His deeply loved and empowered sons and daughters. Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, in that same place there appears over and over and over again, liberty. This never fails, for His presence itself is the very presence of Liberty (the 'yasha' wonder of life we keep referring to).

Hear these words about the God effect as it operates in the life of Jesus;

That word I venture to say you already know, which has been openly published, spoken of and proclaimed throughout all of Judea which had its beginnings out in Galilee following directly after the baptism which John (the Baptist) heralded.

How God caressed with the power of His own hand Jesus, who appeared out of the obscurity of Nazareth with the Spirit of His (God's) own wholeness, and in consequence together with explosive dynamic power he then went about from place to place bestowing incredible benefits upon everyone, thus it followed that he healed everyone who was under any oppression or any harsh controls that had been imposed on them underneath the devil (the defamer, false accuser, liar, destroyer of good opinion, purveyor of malicious statements against another, slanderer), and by doing this, he was demonstrating very factually and clearly that God was with him, accompanying him everywhere he went (Acts 10:37-38).

It is not a war against men or women or surface level politics or surface ideologies though the spirit world animations play out in physical level manifestations, but it is and has ever been a war that is a war of spirits and the influence of spirit energized animations, taken on fought to a condition of triumph by Holy Spirit people and the ministering angels of God, with Holy Spirit expressions, with Holy Spirit weapons of supernatural empowerment and with Holy Spirit means and Holy Spirit directions with the under-girding, authorizing power of the infinite Words spoken by the One who is the Existence of all Existence, God.

When the words of God come upon a situation it's not lights out, it's light on, and the consequence of course for all involved depends upon which side of the word one wishes to be on. You may be on the side which that word is sent to bless, or if you choose, you can align yourself with that side the same word is sent to bring to utter defeat.

The choice after all is yours to participate in the power of Life or stand in the edges and fringes of the outer darkness. We may participate in the effusions of life or turn from it, which leaves the individual somewhere else outside of the effusions of life with a whole different set of circumstances to deal with.

It is the individual warrior’s life plan to tune their hearts frequency to the love based voice of God coming through His Son to us in the communion of the Holy Spirit that is wonderfully available to us for the purpose of bringing forward our total benefit.

It begins with starting the re-polarization of you and me, and then the power of the initiating life begins its expansion out from us in the effect and realignment of the various metron of spheres around us.

As the light intensifies the darkness flees by order of consequence for it is not possible for it to remain in the presence of the light.


NOTE: The Revolution Is ON! is a manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers.

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