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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

“What Is Man?” - Correcting Visions of The Future

Personally, as a spiritual Revolutionary and an International Freedom Fighter united with Jesus Christ (you know, the same One to whom the Father has given all distributive right to His own power and resources for the purpose of the greatest of all missions to have ever touched the universe), I can tell you boldly, that the mission is nothing less than total world conquest, and I should add here lest there be any mistake regarding what I am saying, the fulfilled mission is on this side of the physical, bodily return of Jesus that takes place as the last trumpet spoken of in the ancient prophecies sounds its incredible sounds.

I’m trying to say plainly, just like it is said in the ancient mystical writings, that the earth will be filled with the love, reconciliation, joy, healing, flourishing abundance and every other thing that is congruent with heaven, prior to Jesus return in a beautiful and stunning amalgamation of heaven and earth, for the very last of all enemies to be defeated we are told, which certainly signals to us that all others at that point have already been exorcised, is death itself, occurring simultaneously with Jesus physical return.

Death will disappear? Is that what I am saying? Yes. The total conquest of Life is one of the ultimate claims stated within the good news as taught to us by the forerunner, Jesus Christ the Firstborn Son of God.

Listen to the writings;

Since it was by means of a man that death has come, it is likewise by means of a man that the resurrection up, out from and completely over and above death has also come.

It is unfortunate then that all those yet contained within the envelope of Adam are still subject completely to death, but conjunctively and according to the same manner, all those contained instead within the envelope of Christ are supernaturally quickened, invigorated and restored once again to life and I mean completely restored to the power of infinite and never ceasing life.

But each one in the envelope will experience this according to his own established order and according to what has been arranged within that order, Christ being the Firstfruits of the amazing harvest, and then following after that, all of those who are enveloped in the presence and being of Christ at his return here when that last trumpet sounds its tune in heaven first, then throughout the whole earth as well.

Now, the very last thing in the succession of events here in the present time dimension, the one actually completing them takes place when all that has been usurped and stolen by darkness is given back over to the kingdom (the wonder and power) of God the Father, the Creator and Possessor of all creation, and this happens at that pinnacle time in which he (Jesus) has fully abolished every other overarching principality, together with all other authority and jurisdiction, and all hostile influences of power.

For it is right and proper that this same One (Jesus) continues to possess the highest level of influence until that point in which everything that is within the entire order of all things, and this includes every one of those enemies that contradicts, opposes, hates and resists the splendors of heaven on earth, is vanquished, having been placed in subjection under his feet in a complete state of defeat.

Now, the very last one of these enemies, the final one in the string that will be abolished completely, is death itself, just as the prophecies explain to us (1st Corinthians 15:21-26, see also versus 50-57).

The last enemy in opposition of infinite Life is death itself, meaning that prior to the last enemy is the subjugation or exorcism of every other power that is opposed to Life in all its fullness.

The defeat of death and defeat of the ‘Prince of this world’ that Jesus achieved on the cross and his subsequent descent into hell, his resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God (God’s right hand man) will be fully realized in earth by what is called the ekklesia in the Greek language, just as it was ordained at the beginning of the scripture records as man is created and appears on the scene as God's son and emissary, made to uniquely bear within himself/herself the precise same image and likeness of God their Father.

The message of Jesus brings those who join him into a state of restoration of relationship and status as it was in the beginning and then some.

That is it, plain and simple, but it is hard for us to believe that such a thing is true.

To this change from death to life agree Jesus Christ, his apostles, and all the prophets that have prophesied since the beginning of the world and I can prove it to you. But, the difficulty is, if you haven't been shown it either by revelation in your personal prayer/worship time or by teachers that have received it and will help you understand, then you very likely can't see it because your mental faculties are still trapped in the vortices of a gospel of defeat instead of triumph.

Though the fantastic vision of Jesus triumph and that of the ekklesia too has been obscured over time, it is now reemerging and with great clarity.

I'm sure if you have a heart toward God you already have this nagging feeling about it, like you know there is something out there and you're somehow part of something really big, but you just can't put your finger on it. The details of it are fuzzy.

You keep getting close and when you do you instinctively rise to your feet getting ready, but every time you do it has no place to fit in your present Christ culture paradigm because we’ve settled for small instead of large as God intended, so you assume you must be wrong and gradually sit back down, wondering what that touch of God was all about.

What a tragedy this is for us all.

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