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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Foundation Of God's Power In Earth

As we explore the thought of God's active power in the earth, we must take very careful note of something that is written in Psalm 8.

We are told the foundation of God's power is laid within mankind and that it is laid there for a distinctive purpose.

However, before we look at the purpose, let's pause and consider what it is that God has done, because in this is contained a great mystery of which few of us ever seem to really understand the full impact, and I include myself in this as I struggle still under its magnitude. What has transpired is so phenomenal we stagger to believe, and believing is the only way given to open to door to any divine promise being made manifest.

There is a divine secret that has been hidden for some reason, but now in the transitional culmination of an age, because of what has to happen in the exorcism of evil from the earth culminating in death itself being swallowed up and shall we say 'eliminated' upon the dung hill of eternal history as we are on a crash course what I personally believe is the physical and literal return of Jesus, topic wants to be discussed, being stimulated by the Spirit of God among the children of God.

In the earth God has established an ordered flow of His power, meaning there are channels by which He has promised to work. The foundation of that flow in earth is now and has always been since Adam, mankind. No other creature in all creation has been formed to be His image and likeness, to be His sons and His daughters, His offspring and offshoot, His reflective mirror.

This phrase from Psalm 8 under our consideration referencing the foundation of power is repeated by the Lord Jesus while visiting the Jews temple one day. It just happens to be the first of his last two visits there during the final Passover when his own alleged nation, his own people, would deliver him up to die by false witnesses, and the priests of the order would incite his murder by the hand of Pilate, sending a message that he was not welcome but was rejected by them and their system, and thrust outside the city of Jerusalem, a strange place to this day in the earth.

It is a fascinating series of culminating events, but among them as Jesus is nearing his death defying sacrifice of love on the cross, he confirms to us the words of Psalm 8;

"And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple and he healed them. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonder filled things which he did, and the little children chanting out loudly in the temple saying, 'Hosanna to the Son of David’ (literally – Our cries for ‘Yasha’ [salvation] has come in the Son of David) they were torn apart inside with bitter anger and said to him, 'Can't You hear what they are saying?'

And Jesus said, 'Yup! I got it. But did you somehow miss reading the part where it says, 'Echoing out of the mouth of little boys and girls, as those still feeding from their mother’s breasts, You (God) have restored and perfectly joined together the high and laudatory power of Your words?" (Matthew 21:14-16).

God, who has the power to give what is His to whomever He will, gave to mankind the realm of earth, however far and wide that concept may actually extend, as mankind's realm to possess as an inheritance under the Father's love, and being true to His words of promise, God has never taken that gift back even though Adam failed the mission.

In the creation of Adam, God's intended warrior, and subsequently the creation of Eve to be at Adam's side as his beautiful and inspiring warrior princess, God had placed upon earth His solution to the destruction, overthrow and riddance of the Luciferian poisonous spirit that had marred and devoured the beauty of creation.

Under the power of the Infinite God, the two (the man and the woman) would have unlimited divine wisdom and supply for all they would ever need in order to accomplish their satan subduing mission. The scriptures repeatedly support this thought;

"The highest heaven of the heavens belongs to the LORD (He who is the Highest One of all and the Sole Cause of all Existence), but the earth He has given to the children of men” (Psalm 115:16).

Adam and Eve were created to be the vessels of God for the liberation of earth.

In union with Him they were invincible for they would not be coming to this powerful fallen angel and his fallen spirits in their own capacities, but in the capacities afforded to them by the Unlimited One Himself.

It would be God acting together within and through man and woman that would rid the earth arena of the devouring spirit oppression whose lies are rooted in death, destruction and debilitation of the Father's wonderful creation.

This is why, once man is created in God's own image and likeness, God then can look back on all He has done and say, “Now, it is VERY good! I can rest.” (Genesis 1:31-2:3).

In prayer one day, I went on a conversational journey with the Holy Spirit as we discussed the topic of the sons of God culminating in the following statement:

"When you believe you are the sons of God, you will become them."

Are we there yet? Maybe not, but I believe we are getting closer.

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