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The Gifts and Callings of God

This is not often brought up, but once Adam was given a gift and a call he was responsible for it before the LORD, and subsequently before the angels and the entire universe too.

What he had been given by the grace of God as man, carried with it accountability, just as Eve as woman was accountable for what she had been given to do in her portion of the eternal purpose.

The problem, while at the same time rooted in the blessing too is, when Adam as the seed bearer departed from his created purpose, that purpose did not cease to exist, so neither did the sacred mission placed upon humanity.

You may attempt to slice this any way you want, but when God puts a calling and mission on a man (or woman) it not only rests upon himself but on everyone who is and is yet to be placed within the metron or scope of the calls governance, to associate with, and receive, the enrichment resident within the call.

What this means is the call and the enrichment of God contained within it to the one, becomes a merging call and blessing from God to all who are placed, or who place themselves, within that sphere of influence to which the one called has been made steward or overseer/manager by God.

The ancient writings are rich with this knowledge beginning with the simple idea in the first chapter of Genesis when God talks about the perpetuation of kind in relation to its seed. An apple tree is an apple tree because it was made to be and therefore is. It cannot decide one day to become a cow or a bird because it was made to be an apple tree.

When we deal with the entire species of humankind, simply because a man or woman has free will and chooses to run cross current to his or her design, it does not change the divinely intended, uniquely designed for purpose in the calling to which God has blessed the person.

The ancient writings say it this way;

For the gifts and the callings of God are irrevocable and they are without repentance on the part of God (Romans 11:29).

Simply because Adam, the first man and first father of all humankind ceased to follow the plan, engaging the enrichment resident in the calling, it did not negate the plan or whom the call to exorcise evil from the earth rests upon. The mission of mankind is universal and involves all of us everywhere. If you are human, the calling is on you.

This means the mission given is truly the God ordained design of every person who has ever lived in its most general sense, to actively enter into unified relationship with God and function out from that symbiotic communion to destroy the poison of darkness and the spirit of hatred toward God (who is revealed as infinite love and infinite, boundless and effervescing life that knows no end) that is devouring the earth, captivating, degrading and imprisoning people and creation.

No one escapes responsibility to the eternal calling and within us we all instinctively know this is true.

This is one of the reasons why the apostle Paul is able to make some of the conclusions he makes for example when he says:

“All have sinned and come short of the splendor for which God has created them” (Romans 3:23).

Man and woman have an intended divine purpose to which we are all both uniquely designed for and to which we are responsible. It was on our father Adam and it was upon our mother Eve. The calling upon them is the calling upon all of us too and this is the unavoidable consequence of being human. It's not possible to change that because its origin is supernatural at a point of essential creation.

We may pick this up again later but suffice it to say, “As goes the heart of man so goes the earth”.

Due to the structure God has by eternal wisdom put in place, the one given the rule (the stewardship and management) of a thing determines what the condition of that thing will be.

In earth as mankind harmonizes with God, the effect is goodness and mercy and flourishing abundance as the image and likeness of God replicates its streaming, living power through the individual.

Withdrawn from God, the very power of infinite life, and you only have darkness and suffering outside of that context of immeasurable beauty.

It is direct cause and effect. Which do you prefer?

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