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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Power - Or, Resonating As One With The Spirit of God

One of the interesting things we learn in scripture is the weight of power is significantly advantaged to those walking in harmonized union with God, possibly even one person functioning in harmony with God being equal to 1,000 (see Deuteronomy 32:29-30) who are not, or there are suggestions the ratio could even be an equation of 1 to 10,000 (see Psalm 91:5-7). Either one is a significant advantage when it comes to influence.

Turning to Jesus again, we see how the one resonating Son of God brought such incredible influence over the entire geography of the former land of Canaan, even spilling out into surrounding Gentile cities as well, that the shock-waves of what he brought are still echoing out into all the earth with the ultimate destiny being that these Son of God shock-waves ultimately consume the whole planet with the power of life at a level of infinity. It is still happening at this very moment.

Regarding these rippling shock-waves, we can also see something strange, like the working of an equation when we read of Abraham's negotiations with God over Sodom and Gomorrah. It is as if there is some form of negotiation Abraham was engaged in with God, and Abraham is working toward something that, had the angels found only ten people walking with God among the thousands in Sodom and Gomorrah, those cities would have been spared, as the weight of power would have been in favor of those harmonically aligned with the sound and voice of God (See Genesis 18:16-33).

Though we do not know the population size of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Abraham’s negotiations with God there seemed to be a number he was working towards.

In essence Abraham is saying, “If there is this many people in harmonic resonance with You, would that number be sufficient?” As the negotiation goes forward the number gets smaller. What you realize is Abraham was working toward the number ten because doing the count you had Lot and his wife, Lot’s two daughters still living at home plus two married daughters and their two husbands, which is a total of eight. Abraham probably figured there had to be at least two other people in those cities which would bring the number to ten and the equation, whatever that equation is, would be sufficient to spare the two cities.

Quantum Studies

In a further fascinating point, there have been actual studies conducted in association with the realm of Quantum Physics and the effect of trans-local dynamics that indicate that thought in one place has a far reaching effect beyond the immediacy of the person doing the thinking.

They have proven that a certain number of people, sharing together for example in projecting thoughts of peace over an area currently at war, will make the devastation that is taking place experience a significant drop in violence, only to rise again once those doing the thought projections of peace cease their image projections. You can read about some of these experiments in Greg Braden’s book ‘The Divine Matrix’ (which I would not recommend for everyone, particularly newer Christians who would benefit far more from reading and rereading the writings of the apostle John). Though it is not specifically a ‘Christian’ book, but a science book, it opens the door to some interesting discoveries in the field of Quantum realities.

Science is beginning to realize there is far more going on within the woven fabric of creation than what meets the eye in the visible realm and that which might be considered ‘spirit’ has an incredible effect on matter.

Because God has given earth to the children of men, this too explains why the Christ had to be a man. The Christ or God Seed is the restoring of the true picture of humanity in harmonic resonance with God. It is only by aligned men and women functioning according to divinely established missions that the reconciliation of the earth spoken of for example in Romans chapter 8 can take place.

Jesus Christ is the catalyst of the newly emerging humanity, in the newly emerging creation under this power structure of spiritually re-polarized people, the saved or liberated ones who have undergone a spiritual regenesis and are increasingly harmonizing with the 'Yasha’ (saving) power of God.

There is a will of God for you and it rests within the high mission of total global resonance and the exorcism of all that is considered evil.

There is a will of God for the person next to you and it too rests within the same high mission. What are you doing about it and what are they doing about it?

And now, as the culmination of all things draws closer than it has ever been, the sense of divine mission upon “the hearers” of God is also moving toward a crescendo. Many are being invited, in fact it seems that everyone is, but who will actually choose to come? (See Matthew 22:1-14).

The spiritual energies with which each one traffics has always been important, but as we approach a 'crescendo time' it becomes even more deeply significant. Are you and I pouring life into the cosmos or are we trafficking with the negative energies?

To resonate with Jesus Christ and the Spirit that is God, the very Power of Infinite Life itself, is the calling to each of us, for only life can beget life, each person replicating into their surroundings according to the 'kind' of core energy (spirit) within them.

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