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  • Rand Swift


Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Being Off Target - When you find you took a left when you should have taken a right.

Sin is an archaic word in the languages of religion. Archaic means old and what we find with old words is time tends to pile new layers over an original thought and pictograph. This is true with the word sin. Time has added layers that are often quite distant from the origin.

So much has been loaded on top of its pictograph that we have diluted and destroyed its cutting edge meaning and therefore its relevance on the planet.

God did not do that, we did that, and mostly because small minded, fear based men and women seeking control over the lives of others for various reasons, need a tool of manipulation by which to control people and this one called 'sin' was a perfect choice.

Manipulative people like this can make good use (for their purposes) of a sinister and foreboding word with which to dominate the lives of others in the true spirit of the Pharisees, establishing themselves as the power by misappropriation of the tool.

People love to become the judges of others, meaning people love to exercise certain power over the lives of other people. That is one of the 'spirits' we deal with daily. It involves the theft of another person or group of person's life.

It is true, when men or women no longer have the presence of God drawing hungry souls into their circle to harmonize together with the pure Spirit of life, they will resort to finding new and innovative ways to bind the people to them or their organization and allegedly, positioning themselves as possessing the corner of authority on what is or isn't of God really helps in that regard. Hear what Jesus said about the Pharisee spirit:

"For they (Pharisees) bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. (Matthew 23:4)

By use of the power of their office, they now gain the ability to say who is in and who is out and then determine who is properly, in their self-elevated and manipulated view, climbing the ladder of approvals and who is not.

When those who are in the alleged position of god-like power, tell those who've come hoping to find their meaning in God that a thing is sin, then of course it is to the innocent seeker. But eventually everything seems like 'sin' to somebody somewhere until there is no longer any room to even follow the empowering of the Holy Spirit, which is the real mission every instructor in Christ should be dedicating themselves to anyway.

This involves the release of everyone into the greatness of their own unique expression of Christ according to their own unique calling as it relates to God’s eternal purpose for that person. A genuine leader in the context of Jesus Christ will delight in seeing that release taking place in each person's life.

What I mean to say is, we've often turned trivia into tragedies while ignoring what truly weighs before us, before God and the universe at large.

We've fixated on insignificant gnats while whole camels (Old Testament 'unclean animals') are walking through the front door.

We've cried about flea bites while our brother or sister is lying with his spiritual guts hanging out and limbs severed, having been attacked by hell in the middle of a firefight and all we can do is sit back like a spectator and say, “I don't know why he/she would try something as daring as that. I figured they would get beat up. It serves them right. Any fool in his right mind knows you don't go out there with those creatures, challenging them. It'll be a cold day in hell before they get any help from me. What's he/she trying to be, some kind of martyr? Molly! Where's that bug bite medicine? I'm itchy. Hurry Molly! Darned fool. Hey! Is he/she dead yet? I knew this was going to happen. Molly!!!”

Though neither the book, 'The Revolution Is ON!' nor this blog is meant to be a treatise on sin, it is meant to be one on eternal purpose and out of necessity the one forces us to at least take a brief glimpse at the other.

I say this because the most devastating of all sin (let’s call it an error in guidance) is either to be discouraged from following one's eternal purpose, or to walk away from an eternal purpose, and that happening sometimes due to the unbearable 'extra' weights and burdens controlling leaders force on others, and this should never happen.

Streams of eternal, divine purpose run through the life of every person conceived in the womb and for this purpose are we given the gift of life, just like Adam was.

We are all on a divine mission here.

In the mind of God there are no accidental people, just ones who may be unaligned with their eternal purpose, or aligned with their eternal purpose, which is why He sent His Son to live and then die on our behalf and in our place (representing us), resulting in our liberation from everything that can possibly keep us from our amazing destiny.

In the next blog, we will go further, peeling back the layers from the pictography on the word sin.

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