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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

So Then...What About Sin? Now What?

The ancient word 'sin' has a consistent meaning in all languages in which all the scriptures were originally written. By definition the thought conveyed within the word is; to miss, to miss the way, to miss the mark, to miss the goal, to be misdirected, but there is a further meaning to the word sin that may actually be far more informative than the idea of 'missing the mark'.

The additional meaning often left out of most discussions goes on to define it as, to forfeit or miss the reward, to be left without a share of what was given, to not partake of the gift.

As you can see, there are two sides to this equation. On the one hand, the idea which is more commonly emphasized, is the idea of missing the intended target. However, by emphasizing the miss or the ‘misbehavior’ from a more legalistic perspective in which it becomes easy to condemn a person for the mistakes they have made, we lose entirely the other half, which is our disconnection from the reward that has been offered to us.

The idea of there being a share for us to participate in and somehow to not be participating in that reward is the real tragedy, that an inheritance has been provided, but we are not receiving to ourselves the incredible benefits existing within it.

It is this idea that is spoken of in The Book of Hebrews:

If you are going to have a phobia about anything, then let us fear, that a promise being left to us regarding entering into the full estate of the rest He has provided, any of you, upon examination, should appear to have come short of it, having not completely received it to yourself.

For that good news (of inherited possession) was announced to them in the same way that this is now being announced to us, but the words they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard them. (Hebrews 4:1-2)

The picture we are presented is God in Christ has opened the door by His love to a vast treasure of inheritance for His sons and daughters. Ultimately, that inheritance is Himself, being His own image and likeness according to the eternal mystery. Jesus the Firstborn is the prime example of what that image and likeness looks like as it incarnates within humanity.

The challenge of the New Covenant is for us to harmonize with what the Father has provided us and receive the full measure of the inheritance provided.

The idea of sin finds one of its strongest illustrations in its relationship to the world of ancient archery competitions among hunters and warriors. In the competition there was a purpose and the purpose was to flush out the most highly skilled champions by means of various tests and often these competitors would have the honor then of being recruited into the King's armies to stand among the mighty ones, and of course there were always other prizes to be picked up for the rewards of excellence.

The motivation for the competitor was the prize to be had for those who faced each challenge and triumphed.

A target or series of targets would be set (kind of like golf) and the object of the competition was to shoot your arrow with such skill that it would strike the target dead center. However, if an archer’s arrow missed the intended goal the term used to identify the misdirection of his aim was the word sin.

The question is, when the word sin was called out, what did this tell the competitor?

This told the archer his aim was off and rather than being a terrible thing, someone dedicated to excellence of the art instead learned from the experience as it allowed him to adjust the direction of his aim, maybe paying closer attention to the direction and velocity of any contrary wind, and therefore draw closer to the bulls eye and ultimately the prizes offered and already existing by decree.

It is only by the improvement of aim, strategy and understanding of the target that we can be effective in the eternal purpose that has been laid out before all mankind. Men often compete for earthly and material reward, but these pale in comparison to the splendor of God;

And every man who is striving for the mastery is singularly focused on that one thing to the exclusion of all else. Now they do it to obtain a reward that is temporary, it disintegrates, is consumed and eventually disappears, but the one we champion and fight for is incorruptible, it is eternal, it can never disappear and it can never disintegrate (1st Corinthians 9:25).

Engaging God means engaging the eternal purpose for which you have been uniquely made. To engage Him means to enter into a rigorous training program designed to make you a highly skilled champion with the capacity to be a winner within the realm that truly holds what is real effective power, and the capacity to influence the circle of earth around you with the energy of the divine polarity of Jesus Christ.

The high value of the incredible rewards that are there, rewards already prepared and waiting you, are beyond capacity for either of us to imagine. What is available falls into the category of boundless, ‘Yasha’ (saving) style rewards that are as vast as God is.

In real terms, sin is not about the misses. This is important for us to grasp.

The misses themselves are merely points of education and correction as the Holy Spirit uses them as opportunities for instruction and adjustment in the aim of one’s life. God is a Master Teacher, a Master Father if anything, and passionately dedicated to the success of His sons and His daughters with the excellence and dignity of divine Princes and Princesses in mind.

But the real tragedy that looms over mankind is the tragedy of wasting life apart from the very reason God has put you and I here. To not even be on that path and receiving the grace of God, not living under the canopy of the inheritance He as so graciously provided, is to not even have an opportunity for the reward God has already prepared and set aside for you.

Paul writes about this culmination of our mission;

That as the totality of time is finally and ultimately disbursed, He might gather together as one every single thing that exists then, at that time, within the envelope of Christ, this includes everything that is in heaven and everything that is in earth, all of it together in Him, in whom an inheritance of the whole (all of the treasures) has also been reserved and planned for each one of us, having a long time ago been predetermined in perfect harmony with the purpose of Him (God) who works and arranges and energizes every single thing after the counsel of His own will (His joys, delights and passions). (Ephesians 1:10-11).

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