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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Created Purpose - Spirit Empowered Warriors: Can You See It?

You and I in our created purpose are made to be divine warriors and to fight for immense causes, and as spiritual men and women, the sons and daughters of God, to do so at a very high level, just as Jesus the Firstborn Son fought those battles at a very high and spiritual level.

We, the redeemed and restored sons and daughters of God, are indeed a warrior race which shouldn't come as any real surprise if you look at, not just our history, but the history of all mankind.

It was this way from the very beginning with Adam’s commission from God to 'subdue' and it remains this way today.

Why are we confused by this, that we are designed to be warriors, fighting until all the inheritance God created for humanity is taken back once again and restored to a state of fearless, Eden like effusive proportions filling all of planet earth?

Warriors yes, but we are not made to fight for just any cause, but we are made for the sole purpose of the eternal cause established for our kind by our Father and in this cause we are made to be champions together with Him and harmonized together according to the precedent established by Jesus in the proportions of conquest that are the most significant of all.

Now I say, 'Let thanks be given to God who at all times and in all ways triumphs in triumph now from within us by the Christ anointing (the God seed inside) and thus demonstrates publicly and in clearly recognizable ways the sweet fragrance of His deep supreme and superior intelligence by us in the fullest possible measure within every single topography (2nd Corinthians 2:14).

The problem enters when our created purpose becomes improperly aligned with the wrong spiritual core.

It was in the fall of Adam that we lost our base, losing our true ground of created being as Adam and Eve disassociated from the life of God and the singularly beautiful and high cause for which they were created. So then, what does this mean to you and I?

All of us will find a cause of some kind to champion, or maybe in most cases a cause of some kind will find us if we don't find the true one and it won't be the high cause, and we will make our statement within its context, but what kind of statement will it actually be?

It remains then, that unless our engagement is with the high cause of our species origin, which is to fight the spirit energized wickedness in high and spiritual places, and war against these devouring spirits of hell with our divine commission to bring the whole of the earth into a re-polarized alignment with the living God and the power of His Son Jesus Christ, we are missing the mark and missing out on sharing and participating in all the rewards of spoil associated with the highest of all universal purpose.

We are charged with bringing forward, just as it was since the beginning which was stated in the Eden edict, a channeling from the highest of the heavens associated at a place commensurate with the very right hand of God, the indivisible coalescence of heaven together with earth.

It is for this reason, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all those who have set themselves apart exclusively for the high and sacred use, I do not cease giving thanks for you, mentioning you always in my prayers,

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father and origination of all splendors, would give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the exact knowledge of Him,

The eyes of your understanding receiving divine illumination that you may know what is the promise of His calling out to you and what are the riches of His splendid gifts of inheritance within those who have set themselves apart exclusively for this high and sacred use,

And what is the excessive and overflowing greatness of His power toward those of us who believe (synthesizing ourselves with the promise), harmonizing us in accord with the same exact energies of His own mighty power,

Which is the same energy enveloping Christ as He raised him up and out from the dead and conjunctively established him in continuance at His own right, surrounding and enveloping him instead in the realities ever existing in the heavenly dimension (Ephesians 1:16-19).

A shift has taken place, but do we believe it?

Are we harmonizing with the promise that has come or is the earthbound part of our mental state prohibiting us from fully receiving what God has gone out of His way to give us in a restored state of unification and empowerment with Him in the context of our eternal purpose?

Are the eyes of our understanding adjusting to their proper illumination, or are we still blinking at the stunning brilliance of it all?

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