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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Because of Our Enemies

The series of entries here about Jesus and The Revolution are are all based on excerpts from a much larger work I've done known as The Revolution Is ON!

It is most definitely a book with a mission, written prophetically, drawing from visits (or what I often call journeys) sometimes to the past in relation to the ancient writings of scripture and events that have occurred, sometimes into the life and teachings of Jesus and the apostles that Jesus chose and their writings, sometimes current events as we see them unfolding now in our surrounding world, and sometimes through visits to the future where things are shown that are not yet, somewhat like a trail scout who goes and sees in advance the land we are headed towards then tries to describe the unseen as yet territory to everyone else.

You could say, "Why that is unusual", but it's not really, It is just as the Holy Spirit promised us would happen in the lives of Jesus followers. God is transcendent to time as time is a created thing beginning with the first evening and the first morning. When we draw near to God we become participants in things with Him that are also creation transcendent. As Jesus explained to us, the Holy Spirit would "Show us things to come." (John 16:13)

Sometimes in prayer, you go places...you see things...and you report them only to have people who haven't been there look at you strangely, but give it a year or two or three or five and pretty soon everybody starts to see it, so you just bide your time and wait.

What has happened to us? What is happening to us? Where are we going now?

Do spirits exist? Are there different kinds of spirits? How do they operate?

What is their intention?

How can we know what 'kind' of spirit is broadcasting its intention within any context? Do spirits affect the lives of people, households, neighborhoods and entire geopolitical spheres of influence?

Does everything reproduce after its kind? Is this true of the spirit dimension?

These are the type of questions addressed in 'The Revolution Is ON!' because it, and our lives right now, are about a spiritual revolution instituted by Jesus Christ, the perfect picture of humanity restored to God in true functionality, and the ultimate conquest of this global, spiritual revolution.

Death will be swallowed up by life, but we cannot overcome and defeat what we may be surreptitiously, even unwittingly, allied with.

'The Revolution Is ON!' is presented as a 'manifesto for global transformation through the application of supernatural powers'.

It is meant to be a stimulant. A thought changer. A paradigm shifter. It is meant to tweak your brain and mess with your head, to open your eyes to see things from a new, empowering perspective.

In this context, we have been talking in these entries about the relevance of humankind. In Psalm 8 we previously read;

"Yet You have appointed that out of the mouth of the little boys and the little girls, like those who yet hungrily nurse in dependence upon their mothers breasts, that right there is laid the foundation of Your power, and this because of enemies that would oppress, that You might put an end to the foe, and to apply Your vengeance upon them."

The purpose of God within humanity is because of enemies.

It is to put an end to the foe and the oppressor whose very essence is corrupted against the power of life that is God, having caused a spot of disease upon the creation and a mar upon its vast beauty.

The word enemies here is that same word sarar we discuss in chapter five of 'The Revolution Is ON!' and in one of our previous entries meaning: That which makes narrow, to restrict, to bind, to oppress, to make smaller, to make tight, to make inadequate, to make inferior, to make insufficient, and if you remember, the word is linked to a power or spirit principality that is the causative force at the root of the oppression.

We must be able to clearly conceptualize the distinction and not allow a muddied view of these things, as the clarity has already provided us in the unveiling of God's Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of a world which is otherwise doomed.

We must observe the language of these things regarding the divine revolution and purpose for humanity very carefully, for this is the purpose in mankind that precedes time and for which the saving, Liberating God who created all things appears among us and has in fact made us to partner together with Him.

Check right now and see if you are human. Verify it, for if you are human then this is your cause.

If you are human, God has provided a way for you to participate in the most epic of all revolutions, engaging with us in a global exorcism of evil and destined to fill the earth instead with every splendor of heaven in a wonderfully unified amalgamation of the infinite life of heaven together with earth.

This is the Revolution we keep discussing and will continue to do so.

Tomorrow's Topic: "There Was A War In Heaven"

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