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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Changing The Order Within Creation

There was a previous order, and it was this order of spiritual forces of this world whose effect upon mankind has been and always will be mankind’s enslavement and suppression. A great tragedy has occurred in that humanity under Adam came under the marching orders of oppressive power, and still are apart from finding a portal of liberty, under the prior order, walking in line according to it, not as yet having been freed from it.

But, then something marvelous has happened, a door of freedom from the old order, and it is this that we are all openly invited to grasp, if we will receive it as a gift and participate.

The old order was displaced, challenged, and triumphed over by Jesus Christ, the spell of its curse being broken and a new order, which is actually a reinstatement of the first purpose of man and the reconciliation of man with eternally ordained destiny has come, and the new order or New Covenant is the order known as the order of the sons of God, with Jesus the Champion as the first example of what this Son of God kind of freedom looks like.

The Spirit of God rises against the oppression of life at all levels and human life most particularly, for the oppression of human life is an affront to God Himself, God having made humankind in His own image and likeness.

So, what was happening during that time period between Adam’s descent from high to low, was then useful as an instructional tool to mankind helping us understand clearly the difference, it being put in place to help us all grasp the fact that law, which is according to the order of angels and not sons, and things imposed at the physical world level, is not how the spiritual and causative force of creation works.

You can't alter the cause by altering the effect, because it will simply revert back to its kind.

Only as you alter the spirit of a thing can you alter the expression of a thing and it is true on both a micro scale and a macro scale as well, encompassing ultimately the whole earth arena.

The repeating lesson is, you cannot make the alterations effecting the necessary re-polarization while working from the wrong end of the spectrum, from the low end of the bottom up, but you can from the high end of the top down and this is because of power and authority.

Though acting merely upon the material world may create a temporary illusion of change, it is very short lived as illustrated time and again with Israel and not with Israel only but with the entire human race, Israel up until Jesus appearance being the diorama among the nations.

Israel just happened (by the grace and election of God) to become the chosen focal point on earth for a period of time, magnifying this illustration for all of humanity to watch, to observe, and to learn about, regarding the relationship between God and man and things in earth and things from the higher realm of heaven.

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