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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The Regenesis of Humanity

I say this a lot but it bears repeating, that with the coming of Christ in the person of Jesus who is called the second and last Adam, we find the offering of mankind's regenesis or rebirthing, the coming of an entire species unknown before of humanity, that with Jesus coming the game has been elevated and exposed for what it truly is and always has been, which is a war of spirit energies, the one against the other.

If you look around you, this is what you see.

Very early in Jesus ministry as he was teaching in a synagogue among what appears to be good religious people, you know, dedicated church goers, a man is there who is under the animating power of an unclean demon spirit who, in the presence of Jesus (he being the incarnation of heaven on earth), the demon in the man begins acting out publicly and crying loudly. Here is what the demon in him cried;

Leave us alone! We have no part (nothing corresponding) with you, Jesus out of Nazareth! Have you appeared here to destroy us? We understand who You are, the Holy One of God (Luke 4:33-34).

It is apparent from the onset, even in Jesus examination by satan the defamer and accuser of humanity in Jesus forty day wilderness confrontation, that happening just after Jesus water and Holy Spirit baptisms, that the issues involved in what is taking place are not issues that will be understood by any means but those of the spirit world. Something has shifted, and it is huge.

What is clear is that everything prior to the moment of Jesus appearance was in preparation for this moment when all things are suddenly elevated to the level of their true level of significance.

And what is that significance?

That only by means of a change in dominant, animating spirit, can one change the outcomes taking place within a person’s life and within the physical creation.

It is put into the language of warfare, because it is;

And starting from the days of John the Baptist and continuing up to the present moment, the kingdom of heaven (the realm of spirit) is suffering violent conflict and upheaval and the stronger and more forceful are seizing control of it by application of much greater force.

For all of the law and all of the prophets actively spoke and were in effect up until the appearance of John. And if you will accept this, he is the Elijah that was said to be coming. If you have ears that can hear, then I encourage you to listen now very carefully (Matthew 11:12-15).

Within this man who has the spirit of an unclean devil, no amount of scripture reading, church attendance or any other externally applied religious practice or discipline of any type was going to save him.

After all, he had been around that stuff all of his life.

What would change him however, was exactly what Jesus did, hitting the very cause and source of the inwardly animating power that had taken control of the man’s life.

Only by an alteration of spirit could a subsequent alteration of expression and consequent freedom in the man’s life take place. The cause and the effect are clearly linked.

With the appearance of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the God seed, the direct genetic offspring and offshoot of God the Creator of all creation, something new indeed has entered the playing field, marking the end of power as it had been accepted.

Things have changed. You are invited by God to become part of this new species of humankind. Are you ready?

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