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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Life Mirrors The Expressions Of Your Highest Value

As the axis of everything in life is first and foremost spirit, flowing out from the depths of what it is that truly animates us at the center of our being, we find then that life itself as it streams through us is according to ‘kind’, being the expression of the spirit influences on which we have placed our personal highest value.

To say it another way, we are the expression of what we actually value. To say it in even another way, we become like what we value, or we could replace the word value with the word ‘worship’.

We all worship. Even the alleged atheist is a worshiper of something to which they have ascribed power. In this sense there are no atheists or agnostics as the very word ‘God’ comes from the pictograph associated with the ancient word ‘El’ meaning power.

Within that context, whatever you ascribe to be to be power is in fact the ruling paradigm to which your whole being ultimately adjusts and becomes the likeness thereof. The image you hold of what is and is not power is one of the most important questions we can answer for ourselves because from there is formed every issue of our life.

In reference then to perceived power, we purposely say or unwittingly say, “I will trust this voice” whatever that is, and that voice becomes the one we listen for, tuning our hearts to hear because it allegedly gives us something in which we believe we find comfort. That voice has become our best refuge no matter how amazing or how screwed up it might be, and we go there in our time of trouble. We go there because somehow we have come to believe that this is power and is a safe place for us, a refuge, a comfort, a place of peace even though it may not be at all, but we have believed it to be power.

The question is though, “What if that refuge is in fact a lie? What if we think the thing that is for us is in fact against us?” What if it is destroying us? What if it is taking instead of adding? What if it is making smaller and weaker instead of greater in space, functionality, freedom and empowerment?

Only the Spirit of Truth can produce a living space that is true for us in proportion to God. Only the Spirit of God can express the replicating image of God in ever expanding, unstoppable, eternal, never ending streams of pure life. Below is another example of Jesus transforming the life of a demon possessed (demon limited) person;

And they arrived in the country of the Gadarenes, which is on the opposite shore of Galilee. And when they got out of the boat and onto dry land, a certain man from the city who was owned by devils (he echoed them) for a very long time, confronted him with military like hostility.

The man went about stark naked, wearing no clothes at all, and he didn't live in any house but instead lived out among the dead in the tombs of the graveyards. When he perceived Jesus, then he cried out and fell down at his feet and with a large voice said, 'I do not have any corresponding part to you now do I, Jesus, you Son of God the Most High? I beg you, don't torture me in pain.'

As the case stood, he (Jesus) commanded, and that without leaving any option otherwise, that the unclean spirit come out of the man.

Very often he (the man) had been seized by shear force and though the man had often been bound with chains and shackles, he always broke the bonds and was again driven by the devil into the desolate places...

And when the devils were out of the man...they (local pig keepers) fled into the city and country and told everyone what had happened.

And they all went out to see what had been done and came to Jesus and found the man who had the devils come out of him sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind, and they were terrified. And those who had seen it told them the method used to heal the man possessed (owned) of devils (Luke 8:28-36).

Again, we see the issue in the transformation of the man was a change of spirit.

In an act performed for him by God through the channel of His Son, one spirit influence was exorcised, the broadcast of that dominant voice no longer present, and the result was a right or harmonized, non-confused and peace filled mind.

The presence of greater Spirit drove away lesser spirit in an instantaneous act.

No amount of externally imposed restriction could alter the situation. It was only by an encounter with the Christ and the application of that superior dynamo of Spirit rooted power, in the greater imposition of it over inferior, weaker, unclean and defiled spirit, that any alteration could come to the expression of the man's life.

Good triumphs over evil all of the time, always when it is present.

Now, since Jesus ascension to the right hand of God, the name (power/presence) of Jesus Christ is the highest of all named power. This means every other name (power/presence) is less than the name God has established to function as His own ‘right hand man’, being the Distribution Channel through which all things God emerge.

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