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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Spiritual Warfare - Spiritual Cleansing - Spiritual Healing

The Book of Revelation is quite clear about the nature of the supernatural war we face in the spiritual plane. But, what is 'revelation'? It is an uncovering, it is an unveiling. What was once covered and hidden behind a veil becomes naked.

Through the animating persuasion of spirit energies there are variant manifestations that appear in the earth arena, some are animated by good resulting in the flourishing of life, and some are animated by what we know as evil resulting in the distress, trouble and the diminishing of life.

They are polarities of positive versus negative and they operate most distinctly among the vehicles of mankind. The height of the conflict however is not and has never been at the confliction of mankind versus mankind, but a confliction of animating energies or spirits operating and influencing at levels beyond our natural spectral and auditory capacities.

The Book of Revelation addresses the conflict and its ultimate outcome;

And there was a war in heaven (realm of spirit). Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and they (the dragon and his angels) had no power they could wield that was capable of prevailing, neither was their place (those portions previously marked off for them, their topographies) found any longer in the heavens.

And the great dragon was cast out, that ancient serpent called the devil and satan which deceived (seduced, led away to wander astray in disharmony) the whole world. He was cast out concerning the earth and his angels were cast out with him (Revelation 12:7-9).

This is the same theme the apostle Paul brings to our attention in his writings. Everywhere we turn Paul is speaking to us in the language of contest and conflict and the impassioned Zealotry of athletic contest or militaristic warfare.

To those men and women who were separating themselves to the divine cause in the city of Ephesus he writes;

Finally my brothers, be endued (clothed) with perpetuating strength that you may be bold and undaunted in the Lord and that by means of the power of dominion that is truly of His own ability and force. Be clothed upon with the panoply (the entire array) of each and every one of the armaments and weaponry made available to you by God, giving to you the advantaged power of sustained force for pressing hard against the deceitful, cunning (lying) arts of the devil.

For the contest we are engaged in, the wrestling and thickness of battle in which we are engaged to the overthrow of the one against the other, with intent of destroying (to kill or be killed) is not against (human) flesh and blood (is inoperable at that level), but it is against causative spirit magistrates called principalities, against spirit governors exercising influence called powers, against spirit lords of the darkness of this world called rulers, against spirit enslavers to hardships and cruel toils of wicked intent and desire, whose locations are in the unseen and elevated realm of the air and the heavens” (Ephesians 6:10-12).

The theme continues in the writing to the Corinthians believers also engaged in the spirit battles to whom the apostle writes;

For even though we walk about within the physical and material dimensions of men, we do not engage in the conflicts and expeditions of our warfare according to means of the physical and material dimensions of men, for the instruments and armaments of our militaristic campaigns and strategies are not of the material and physical dimension (not operable at this level),

But their mighty power and excellence is through God and it is for the overthrow and demolition of those entrenched fortifications, throwing them down and demolishing them by the power of superior force, opposing the calculating determined hostile purpose and the whole of everything that would lift itself up and rise in prideful arrogance, opposing the intelligence and the deepest of all, intimate understandings of God,

Thus leading them (those not of the material and physical dimension) away bound in captive subjugation, the whole panoply of every mental perception and expression of every evil (trouble causing) thought out purpose, bringing them into compliant subjection to the Christ, and echoing always at all times a ready hand, prepared to bring to vengeance and to exposure all their unwillingness to hear (the words) and comply, as soon as your own listening and harmony is fulfilled (2nd Corinthians 10:3-6).

To his apprentice Timothy, the apostle Paul writes these words regarding the reality of the call;

Therefore, you must be ready to endure hardness, difficulties, discomfort and contrary circumstances as a choice and excellent warrior of Jesus Christ. No man who engages in military expeditions binds himself up with the distractions of civilian life and engagements so that he may give full attention to pleasing and elevating the cause of the one who has selected him to be a warrior (2nd Timothy 2:3-4).

The spirit world battles are just as real and just as intense as natural world battles we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. The stakes in these spiritual battles however, are eternal in their consequences in both your life and the lives of family, friends and neighbors.

When will we begin to take it seriously?

The call of God, at whatever level the individual might be destined to meet it, is a call to engage a conflict or series of conflicts whose origin, though finding its manifestation in the visible arena, is actualized and met in a dimension that is higher, in the dimension of the spirit to Spirit plane of being.

It is that arena you and I are to be functioning in.

It is with powerful armaments from God we are to equip ourselves.

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