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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Spiritual Wars Are Fought By Spiritual People

I was working with a friend of mine on a million dollar house project. He had far more experience than I did and loved to push my own skills knowing that I would pick it up and learn as we went along. But each time I would fail in the assigned task he would mutter under his breath, though loud enough for me to hear, "Never send a boy to do a man's job." This became the running joke on the project and subsequent projects we were on together.

Quite often now when I've been trying to teach others a new skill either in the natural or in spiritual things, that phrase comes back to me. Most often I have to just put on my patience hat knowing that they are learning, going back and teach again the 'more perfect way' or in some cases where they just aren't getting it I will have to go back and do it myself or in severe cases where they just don't grasp it at all, conclude they are just out of their element and send them away to find what their element really is.

Never send a boy to do a man's job...it won't be done well...it won't be done right...and it could even become dangerous.

Spiritual warfare is like this. In the Book of Numbers as the trumpet sounded the signal to the people that it was time to gather their things and move, the first group to assemble and to lead were a band of warriors. New territory was going to be traversed. The warriors would go out ahead. (See Numbers 10:14-25 Christian Standard Bible).

You cannot move spirits of evil out of occupying a specified geography, whether it is the geography of one single person, or the geography of our entire planet which is our calling, by use of any material and physical weapon.

They are spirits. So, why should we care about that?

We should care because the only means of success at the spirit level is by the application of superior spiritual power against inferior spiritual power.

It remains then that the only persons who can adequately utilize spiritual weapons are spiritualized people, for the person still encased within the natural world perception cannot receive to themselves the things that belong to the Spirit of God, as it is impossible for them to make that leap. Within them is no basis of the realities that exist there. Therefore, they cannot make any adequate, relatable or understandable connections.

I will tell you this immediately; this is a frightening thing to realize.

This is because the life that a spirit warrior of Jesus Christ is called to live, is a life whose central moorings are not rooted within the visible, material world, because they know now the visible world is only a secondary level of expression.

The fact of the matter is, unless you are willing to re-center the very axis point of your life in separation to values of the invisible world of Spirit in association with Jesus Christ, the ‘Yasha-man’ and beginning of the shift in global freedom, you cannot engage in the genuine article of his kingdom, the eternal purpose of the Father, and the present war for planetary re-polarization being fought out at this very moment by those who are engaging in it, right here and right now, in this present hour.

Spirit things may only be spiritually discerned at the spirit level.

Their superiority to the physical, material world is such, that to grasp them, one must be willing to be birthed into an entirely new operational viewpoint.

This means your orientation to the world in which you live must elevate far beyond the bonds of physical perception and into spiritual perception.

Your reality must become, spiritually speaking, God rooted, God dependent, and Spirit of God sourced. Here is what the prophet Isaiah said;

Seek out the LORD while He may still be found of you. Call out to Him while the distance is still short and near for you. Let those who are contrary and hostile toward God forsake that way, leaving it behind them, and the man who is not in harmonious alignment desert his own base of thought, the invention of his own way and his own purposed intent.

Let him turn instead to the LORD and He will receive him with great love and compassion, with open arms of merciful tenderness. As he turns himself to God, He will overflow him with forgiveness and pardon for all transgressions that have lined themselves up against Him (cancelling them out).

'For My thoughts, inventions, ways, purpose and intent are not at all similar to your thoughts, inventions, ways, purposes and intent, neither are the direction of your journeys anything like the direction of My journeys', says the LORD. 'For as the heavens (arena of spiritual) are higher than the earth (arena of physical, material) so are My ways than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:6-9).

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