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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Building Foundations for Spiritual Warfare Success

In a warfare setting there are multiple tasks and roles to be filled if success is to be achieved. This is true in the natural world and it likewise true in the supernatural world. We see this emerging immediately in the prophetic scripts called The Bible in Adam, then Eve, and the commission to subdue a hostile enemy. Each had their place, each had their role within the dynamic and what should have been the enlargement of Eden until it filled the whole earth.

It should be the impetus of Holy Spirit leaders, not to build bigger buildings or cram more and more people into meetings, and travel to more and more places as their popularity increases, but rather the goal of God level leaders is to make and train good soldiers of Jesus Christ as Paul explained his own role with Timothy. If training highly skilled supernatural warriors is the goal, then we better get around to doing it in our day.

The difficulty the Christian churches have in global transformation, or even transformation of the two block geography immediately surrounding them in many cases, is not just a matter of mentality regarding what ‘Church’ is, though that may be part, but is directly related to the way their members are brought into what is the high cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The seed of error, in my opinion, lies in the first three foundation stones of the instructions of Christ we started referring to in a previous Entry and is found in Chapter Four of the book 'The Revolution Is ON!, and this is not to downplay at all the second three foundation stones found in Hebrews chapter six, but the first three foundations set the tone for your relationship to the second three. They are;

1). Repentance from 'dead works'.

2). Faith towards God.

3). The teaching on Baptisms (Water Baptism & Holy Spirit Baptism and continuing relationship from that point on).

The truth of the matter is, if you miss these foundations (any of the seven really) you miss the catalytic power of Christ and what Christ, the replicating God seed in the earth, is all about from beginning to end.

The fact that you will be deficient because of this, there is no doubt.

Though we have already touched on these previously, it bears repeating here again under the eternal purpose of mankind.

They are critical and deserve a deep study all their own but maybe in a few short sentences I can stir you with their flavor.

Why would I want to belabor this point about foundations, coming at it a second time?

I guess first of all it is because I am a 'Foundationalist' by calling, and as such I have this passion to dig deep and find the basis point of things, because in the spiritual realm, cause and effect are very closely related, and I know the height one can reach is related to the depth with which one digs into the critical elements on which supernatural life is built.

I know this through both positive experiences and total failures in my own life. I've had both.

It is because the beginning of anything sets the tone for everything that follows.

As we navigate any course, if the beginning point is set correctly, then all that follows will align with that navigational origin. It is the “cornerstone rule” that says the accuracy of the first stone laid determines how true all the remainder of the building will be.

Why are the people of God not walking the earth as mighty warrior princes and princesses?

The answer should be obvious.

The stones of foundation are not being laid with an accuracy that flows out of the heart of heaven itself.

If we believed the gospel precisely as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit believe it, I'm certain what we refer to as church would be far different than what men have made it out to be in their short sightedness.

We are still running structurally by models formulated in the dark ages, one of the least enlightened periods of Christian history, and I think this hinders our effectiveness.

I might suggest you go to the 'Street Jesus' page and watch the short videos there for a different point of view. They are a little older and could use some updating, but the overview is clear.

What do we need as the sons and daughters of the Almighty God?

I believe we need a powerful revival of people who are foundation layers whose, deep desire is not the success of their programs but the empowered success of all others whom their lives are privileged to touch.

I say, earnestly pray for it.

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