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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Building Foundations for Spiritual Success

Repudiating all Energies Rooted in Death - Part One

The Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior of all Humanity teachings, and his real life demonstrations put in front of us, lay bare the very thing God (the Father) has been communicating to us all along which is this:

"There is life available to you on a scale of ceaseless infinity, knowing no bounds whatsoever...and there is death. Which one do you choose? How often will you choose it?

That is a lot for me to stir up so take note:

Because of the importance of this element in our spiritual success as believers in Jesus and conjunctively, men and women who chose to live in the stream of this infinite power of life, I decided to break the foundational topic of 'repentance (repudiation) of dead works' into two distinct parts. Today will be Part One and that means, logically then, the next Entry in our dive into spiritual warfare will contain Part Two of what is referred to in the ancient writings as the Jesus followers 'repentance' or we could say the 'repudiation' of dead works. Brilliant, eh?

The first stone of foundation on which life in harmonic union with God is to be built is “repentance from dead works” as seen in Hebrews 6:1-3 and reaches far deeper than what is classically called “the sinner's prayer”.

Repentance from dead works is the acknowledgment, not that we've made a couple of mistakes in our life, but that one’s entire spiritual premise of life has been completely in error in its relationship and understanding of God, the Creator of all existence.

Repentance is the turning of the heart, which is the core and axis of being, and therefore the entire life engagement basis, from all thought, imaginations and actions whose root of influence comes by stimulus of any spirit other than God, the power of infinite life.

In this process we see that God, the Creator and fountain of pure life on a scale of infinity, is true, while all else conflicting the being of God (life) is false. Listen to the apostle Paul;

But what if some did not believe? Will their unbelief make the faith of God ineffective? God forbid! Let God be true even though every man existing is rooted within falsehood (Romans 3:3-4).

It is very clear cut. It is an either/or equation. You can't get around it.

One is either on the mark or off the mark of His empowering Spirit of Wholeness and Life.

If one cannot say in the affirmative that the expressions of life emerging out from them are born out of a reliance on the stimulus of the Spirit of God, then the entire premise of those actions is incorrect and rooted instead in separation. from that ceaseless life.

The power of God is the power of life. The power of God is the power of everything that is good, flourishing, productive, constructive and abundant.

If we, from a deep heart level, are not operating in harmonic resonance with the amazing wonder of God’s image and likeness, as was and is Jesus up to this present moment and every moment to come, which is the mark for which we are created as a person, then the mark we have been designed to relish, embrace and flourish in has in fact been missed.

Apart from God who is the Fathering Spirit of the universe as the single stimulus of my words and actions expressed into His creation, what am I left with?

I am left with something else of course and this is what I have to resolve.

Turning from all other possible sources of animating energy (spirit), leaves me with a single option and that option is the Spirit of life as put on display in Jesus Christ.

The influences I have “listened to” (honored as father or point of origin) in my inner man that has been forming my world according to its family values (according to the kind it is) has either enhanced the beauty and harmony of His creation, adding to the life giving influence of His Spirit here in earth, or left a terrible and unsightly mar upon it, being out of congruence with it.

The causative source from which the expression from within me emerges is the totality of everything about my own being.

There is no “half good spirit” intercourse when it comes to our life animation.

Though it is true that much of our lives may still be mixed as our spiritual interactions are being sorted out and learned, we are looking for a singular relationship with the One Spirit who is Pure Life.

Repentance from dead works as a foundational, cornerstone way of approaching our life, sets the tone of our spiritual guidance system.

It doesn't mean we will never get off track, but if the tone is set within us it means we will go back to the place of misalignment and get it fixed as we merge back on track much like a GPS system tells us when we missed a turn on the way to Grandma's house.

The tone is set within us.

Once the tone is set, we begin a lifestyle in which the animating essence within us begins to instinctively reject and repudiate every energetic source (animating energy - spirit) that smells of death while embracing the power of life that possesses within it no concept of limitation.

We turn from death, to life.

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