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Building Foundations for Spiritual Success

Faith Toward God - Part One

(Note: due to the importance of this topic I have broken it into two separate posts. This is the first of the two, the second will be in the next Blog post).

The second stone of foundation on which the supernatural life is to be built is “faith toward God”.

Closely associated with “repentance from”, faith toward God is nothing less than total abandonment of one’s life in an entire trust relationship to what originates exclusively in Him, the Creator of all that is.

It is definitely trust because what He, in His creative supremacy and love is, does not mesh with the smallness of man capacity and man's locked in relevance to the security of the physical and material world. God is transcendent and limitless, and so are His thoughts and ways.

If you and I are to walk in this state of His transcendent loving power that is an eternal ‘greater than’ equation in relation to anything and everything, knowing that this in fact is the power that actually forms material creation any way He sees fit in His goodness and love towards us, then we must meet together with Him in the higher, transcendent arena of Spirit.

That is the arena of His playground and ours too as His son or daughter, and this transcendent arena is the arena of faith.

There is a very fascinating thing about the name of God as revealed in the pictograph ‘Jehovah’. The word picture Jehovah is made up of compound pictures in a string of connections and it tells us something about the relationship God desires us to enter into with Him.

The compounding words are made up of four pictographs associated with the four Hebrew letters/words ‘Yah-Hey-Waw-Hey’.

I’ll put it simply. ‘Yah’ of course (or ‘Jah’) is direct reference to God and His being as Savior and Salvation, indicating as well that all God's words have this ‘Yasha’ saving element at their core.

‘Hey’, which incidentally is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet which number represents grace, according to Jewish mystics speaks to us of the light and breath of God but also the act of looking, so we see here the light and breath of God (the Yah) is directional in this context.

What this direction is we discover in the third part of the compound which is the ‘Waw’ (can also be pronounced as ‘Vav’) which is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the sixth number representing mankind as man was created on the sixth day.

But then there is the fourth part of the compound which ends in another ‘Hey’ or looking, which now the looking is coming from man.

There is a secret in this name and it is a mystery of faith.

Consider if you will that the name Jehovah is not a linear revelation of God but a circular revelation of God depicting the passions of God to have with us an unbroken chain of relationship. God looks upon man with love and grace and light and the breath of life and man in response receives the life and looks upon God with love as well.

The divine call of God is a call from God to man to come and see eye to eye with God.

This is the very essence of what the word ‘justification’ means.

To justify is to take two elements and bring them to the same point of balance like the two sides of a balance scale, or to take two offset patterns and cause them to seamlessly match so the one is harmonized in perfect union with the other.

So we see that the gracious or love filled light of God in all of His ‘Yasha’ saving splendor looks intently upon mankind, calling out for man to in turn, look and see God, man and God coming into the beauty of eye to eye, face to face, breath to breath relationship.

The prophet Habakkuk said it this way;

For this vision you are seeing is yet for a specific time, but at the end it will speak and it will not lie. Even though it seems to tarry, wait for it, because it most certainly will come and it will not tarry.

The soul of the person who is awful, that is swelled in prideful arrogance and lifted up in him, the one that will not listen, is wrongly polarized within him, but those who are adjusted (just, justified) will live by faith (Habakkuk 2:3-4).

If we are not willing to leave an earth only set of realities, we cannot see eye to eye with God and therefore the wonder of what is on 'the other side' of the equation will remain hidden to us.

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