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Building Foundations for Spiritual Success

Faith Toward God - Part Two

(Note; Due to the critical nature of 'foundations' the topic of Faith Towards God has been broken into two parts and yet still there is so much more that can be said. Part One should you want to follow it is in Blog Forty Five).

If we are not willing to leave an earth only set of realities, we cannot see eye to eye with God and therefore, the wonder of what is on 'the other side' of the equation will remain hidden to us.

However, we are assured that if we do look, we will see and if we ask we will receive, if we knock the door will be opened and if we set ourselves to search we will be led to discover. It is promised that we will be met in direct proportion to our passion to know.

Indifference on the other hand, takes us nowhere.

This entire equation on faith embraces the very concept of God as “Father”.

The Father is from whence you've drawn the very origin and expression of your life. Father inside you is the cause and originating seed of life. It is the “image” of the Father within us which is like the imprint of supernatural DNA, forming all of our expressions and characteristics.

As is the Father so also is the son or the daughter and what is born of Him and only what is born of Him lives forever as He does, for He is eternal, being without beginning and without end and this becomes a discernable portion of our own inherited essence. ( see 1st John 4:7, 1st Corinthians 3:10-15).

The stream is there for us to rejoice in, now possessing life whose magnitude is limitless.

But then there is the other side which lets us know, whatever is not born of His eternal life must and will at some point end for it is unsustainable apart from the very power of life that is rooted in eternal.

Faith is very much about origin. In what do we trust? To what are we polarized? To whose voice, whose sights, whose sounds, whose smells, touches and presence are we in resonance with?

Do we trust the lower level constructs of the physical world over and above God in the non-visual yet transcendent world of Spirit? Is it just our physical senses we exercise, or are we exercising the higher senses of our invisible and spiritual inner man or woman?

What we classically refer to as Adam’s ‘fall’ is about this very issue. Adam became less than what he was created to be through disassociation with voice. He gave power and honor to the voice of created versus continuation in eye to eye harmony with Creator. The result has been terrible.

Faith is about hearing and harmonizing with the voice of God speaking from the transcendent side of infinity.

In The Book of Romans we learn the following about mankind:

“Because, that when they knew God, they did not honor Him as God, and neither were they thankful towards Him, but instead they became vain, empty and void of genuine value then in their imaginations which only served to darken their hearts, causing them to be out of synthesis in thought with God.

Professing themselves to be wise then, they actually became morose, miserable and downcast in relation to what their ears were tuned to hear.

They then exchanged the shining brilliance of the imperishable God into what we now know to be perishable man, and birds and four footed beasts and creeping things…

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served what had been created, giving creation honor, reverence and fear (awe), over against and in contrast to the Creator of all things…” (Romans 1:21-23 & 25).

If you notice carefully the progression outlined, you see what ultimately transpires is mankind,

instead of harmonizing with God in deep gratitude for their station, to the contrary became void of value in the imaginations they entertained, winding up in a state of subjection under creation, giving the created elements more honor than the Creator of the existence of all existence.

Man, meant to be the genetic extension of God, unifying with God as one in resonance with the DNA of God, having the animating energy of God alive as the determinate factor within man, instead fell under the dominion of created elements.

Man went from high to low, from ordained master to subject, from prince/princess to slave, from free to captive.

In the abandonment of our former condition of being under the elements, to now living again by faith, which is trusting reliance on the DNA of the Spirit He has placed within us through our new birth and regenesis, we are transforming our alliance from all that we've known previously by earth bound alliances and alliance tainted with dark spiritual stimulus, to the single stimulus of God, the Spirit Creator of all existence as the very internal impulse of our life changes.

This is what you and I were made for and we will expand on this more as we continue on, but how many people who claim to be “of Jesus” are actually building an entire life according to even these first two radicalized precepts of repudiation of all works rooted in death and then faith towards God?

We are invited to walk the earth as the ‘sons of God’ (see John 1:12).

This is a state of transcendent living from a position commensurate with God in full harmony of being.

When we once again believe this to be true of us, the channel will open for it to be made manifest.

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