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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Forty Seven

Foundations for Spiritual Success

Instructions on Baptisms - Part One

(Note: There are two baptisms referred to in scripture and both are highly significant foundations in the life of a person in pursuit of supernatural living. Water baptism will be discussed briefly here in this post while Holy Spirit baptism will be in the next Blog).

In laying these initial roots, I'm sure you've noticed once again there is an incredible dynamic of “from-to” that is begun in repentance and faith and continues into the third of the foundations on which this life is to be built, “the instruction of baptisms”.

In the life of those called, water baptism is designed to be the end point of all earth bound, material or element dominant orientation of life and a separation point to the life of the God realm, the realm of His world which is Spirit first and foremost, and forever.

It is transcendent. It is above.

In any journey taken, leaving is not enough but is only the first part of it. There of course is leaving or the journey does not begin, but there is also arriving.

We are leaving here, the place of our captivity under the powers of created or creature, but we are going there, to the fullness of the liberty God has prepared for us in a dimension that knows no limits in its splendor and goodness and I'm not talking about heaven but the opportunity provided us to live in the inheritance already provided us, now.

It is not as if we deny the existence of the material world which we were once under, it is just that our relationship and expression within it, and we might add our place in relation to it, is being formulated from an entirely new location which is heaven, or from above it, and a particular place in heaven no other creature in creation is welcome to be by our unique created design and calling as the offspring of God.

As we go down into the waters of baptism there comes a cutting off, as in a literal death and a burial relative directly to our own being.

We experience a cutting and casting away of all we have ever known previously of life stimulus as those wh0 were formerly under bondage to the elements and their spirits.

“What has been will be no more”, is what we are personally saying and experiencing before God and all the witness of the heavens, and it is a personal choice that we are consciously making which is one reason why it is so personal and public as well.

What has ruled us will rule us no more as the entire paradigm of our life as it has become dead, buried, and washed away, only for us to be raised up, out from, and over our prior state of death and subjection and all that is relative to its former reign over us.

Upon rising, we are now merged into the estate of an entirely new creation in which we have been joyously called to participate with our Father in a life that no longer knows any limits.

The ancient writings tell us;

You must not be ignorant of this, but possess the understanding, that every one of us who have been immersed in baptism into Jesus Christ, were actually immersed into his very selfsame death (his death and our death becoming one death).

Now, it stands then accordingly, that we are in synthesis, as one in the selfsame burial, whose foundation is based upon our own baptism into his selfsame death, and this is so that in the exact same way Christ was raised up and elevated out and away from all that is of death, this occasion being founded entirely upon the brilliance and shining splendor of the Father alone, in this exact same way we also now walk about upon the earth, conducting now all our affairs enveloped in a complete newness of life.

For if it is now, that we have come into a state of existence in which we have been planted in joint, unified synthesis with his death, it has come to pass that we are likewise, cumulatively and conjunctively, raised to life once again.

Our own perception is now this, that our old, prior person, is synthesized in crucifixion with him so that the soma (the incarnation) of our disinheritance and separation under sin might be completely abolished, destroyed, rendered completely inoperative and deprived any longer of any force of power or control over us, that going forward we no longer have any obligation to serve as if we had missed the mark, living outside of the inheritance and rewards prepared for us (see Romans 6:4-9).

These are magnificent words are they not?

Within the symbolism of the Old Testament, one of the purification rituals involved “the waters of separation” (see Numbers 19:9, 13, 20-21) and it is an apt picture of our water baptism in the same way as the waters of Noah buried the old world forever and the waters of the Red Sea cut off Israel from Egypt.

Jesus talked about being pure in heart, meaning “unmixed” (Matthew 5:8) or singular. How sad that our teachings of Christ have not evoked this complete separation of lives in a focus of genuine single hearted purity of union with him and with the Father. We are not stronger because of it we are weaker because of it.

Water baptism is a miraculous, divine meeting place of separation from the darkened social order that has held us under bondage to creature, instead of to God and His infinitesimal splendor as the offspring of Creator in all that is implied by this.

What we knew of Adam, the former root of our humanity, and all history of man apart from God in its power to control us any further, is buried in the eyes of God, our personal, time transcendent, synthesized connection with this event having taken place there in the water when we were baptized into Jesus Christ.

The water is a covenant vow by God first and foremost who performs the divine operation, and a powerful faith act on our part of separation that we are making from the former, into spiritual life with Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher of this way.

It is like the transference of ownership of all our life influences from belonging to that first Adam, the earthly man under the influence of dark spirits, to a new belonging in Christ the God seed, the new man of the new heavenly humanity whose total life influence was and is the Father.

Our life origin and past history by which we once lived is shifted, dramatically. We now possess the eternal heritage of the Father in a past, time transcendent history of eternal success.

This is a very critical thing for us to grasp because until a man knows what he will die for, he will never know what he is to live for, and in these critical foundational instructions of Christ here at the onset, the “to die for” is addressed at the beginning where it belongs.

Don't bother coming if you don't intend to take up your cross, stand its ground and follow him, is the instruction of Jesus to us.

Jesus brand of following him involves us as one of his apprentices, and much of what we see today among those who say they are an apprentice to the Son of God, seems different.

Upon our entering the supernatural, death to everything of the past is taken care of up front.

We read;

Whoever would come into the same advantage as me (Jesus), and is still willing to place anything ahead of me, not even his father, not his mother, not his wife, not children, and brothers, and sisters, or any longer even his own soul (psyche), he will not have the strength and power, he will not possess the dynamics necessary to merge into existence as my apprentice (learning the equations and calculation of the Journeyman Craftsman).

And cumulatively speaking, whoever it is that does not stand, sustaining themselves firmly upon the basis of this very same cross, conjunctively following along after me (Jesus), will not have the strength and power, will not possess the dynamics necessary to exist as my apprentice (learning the equations and calculation of the Journeyman Craftsman) (Luke 14:26, 27, 33).

Water baptism into the dynamics of the name of Jesus Christ, when understood clearly, is most definitely a powerful launching pad in the life of those who are born to live supernatural lives.

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