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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Forty Eight

Foundations for Spiritual Success

Instructions on Baptisms - Part Two

(Note: Because of the deep importance of the 'instruction on baptisms' they are being broken into three parts. There will be a Part Three, further delving into the baptism of the Holy Spirit).

So in the waters of baptism there is an interaction between heaven and earth and it is not something that is mere ritual, although the rite of it is a touch point just as real as circumcision was in the Old Covenant, for this act too is a cutting away and removal of a layer of desensitizing flesh as a means of higher level stimulus and productivity, only the operation is not performed in any way by the people performing the rite of immersion, but by the hand of God Himself acting upon the heart in the higher realm of a spiritual and invisible operation.

We read the letter to the Colossians and learn;

It is in him (Jesus) that you are circumcised with the circumcision made without human hands in putting off the body (the incarnation) of the disinherited state of the flesh, enveloped within the circumcision of Christ.

This took place when you were buried with him in your baptism, in which also you have been cumulatively raised in synergy together with him founded entirely upon faith in the energies of God in performance of this work by the exact same raising up, out and over what is dead (Colossians 2:11-12).

I suppose one could say regarding water baptism that they are 'Going under the knife' and that would be spiritually correct.

And of course, the second half of the baptisms which actually could be considered a separate foundation stone itself is the “to live for” directive which is our resurrection into a new state of life which is life separated entirely to the impetus and core animating energy of the Holy Spirit of God, come to stream His own life into and through us to the creation.

The second half of the instruction in baptisms completes the first half of the instruction in baptisms which is why it is called the doctrine (singular) of baptisms (plural).

There is a cutting away and death to the old, and completing the cycle, a resurrection to a state of everything new to which we, as the offspring/offshoots of God have now become fully qualified participants of in directed union with the living Jesus Christ, God's right hand man.

This new life resurrection includes the saturation of our whole existence in the anointing of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of all Wholeness).

This too is integral to the vow we are making in the baptisms, opening ourselves up to the immersion of our entire person involving every molecule in our makeup, every faculty of our being, every cell and sub cell, every atom and sub atom, to the anointing power of the Holy Spirit.

We are changing entirely our point of origin from Adam (the man ‘under’ creation) to Christ (the son ‘above’ creation) and this state of new being can only be translated into us by the Spirit of God.

In baptism we are being raised up to the power of Jesus resurrection to be people of the Yasha Spirit of infinite life by which means alone we can even begin to understand the things given to us by God, empowering us for the effective and highly successful decimating authority to exorcise in accord with that power the anti-Christ stains with which satan has marked the earth in dark, earth bound, material existent, downward dominant, oppressive, restricting, narrowing, insufficient, negative, damnable polarity.

All of the wisdom, power, knowledge and triumph we need is all there in all its fullness, contained for us in the Spirit of God. It is a gift we must be ready to continually receive.

We are no longer subjects of the spirit of fear, but of Love, of power and clarity of mind and mission.

We read in the ancient mystical writings;

For those ones who are in league with the physical and material dimension set their mentality and affections on what is of the physical and material dimension, but those who are in league with the Spirit (of God) set their mentality and affections on the things of the Spirit (of God).

For to harmonize the mind and affections in seeking the advantage of the physical and material dimension is formulated directly out of that which is dead and what will decay in meager fleeting temporal impermanence, but to harmonize the mind and affections in seeking the advantage of the Spirit (of God) is of the absolute, real and genuine fullness of life and everlasting vitality, causing joyful and tranquil concordance with God, resulting in safety, prosperity, abundance and triumph over all enemies and foes in relation to any opposition that might appear.

This is because the mind and affections that are set in seeking advantage through the physical and material dimension is at complete odds and actual violent, reactionary hostility toward God, for it is not capable of being subject to the divine instructions offered by God, neither can it or will it ever be.

So those being on the side of the physical and material dimension cannot be on the side of synthesized enjoyment and rest with the empowerments of God (Romans 8:5-8).

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