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Why Your Spiritual Life Matters

In the last five or six posts we briefly highlighted certain beginning points, or what we called 'Foundations', to having a successful spiritual life, interacting with the supernatural and the Spirit of God.

So, why does any of this matter? Why is it important for you to have a dynamic interaction with the Spirit of God?

God has placed the earth sector under mankind, people fraught with weaknesses and frailties and not all that brilliant really when compared to other intelligent entities. We're not intrinsically mighty and powerful like the Lucifer spirit, the demons or the Holy Angels of God.

It seems that in the chain of free willed creatures we are the tiniest, the smallest, the weakest and most frail, having been placed somewhere down at the end of the line when power was being handed out.

We were made last of all.

We have been made a little lower than the angels we are told, but God is giving us, the tiniest and the least likely of all, the opportunity to take the earth, purge out the darkness and fill it all with His pristine glory, to literally make a divine, perfect blend of heaven and earth together right here in this place and every place we find ourselves. It is ours for the taking if we will engage the Christ and take it.

According to the form by which God always does His greatest wonders, we look around and see that among those of us who have heard the call and are responding, that He hasn't even invited the most dynamic of us humans but quite often the least dynamic and least powerful.

If you had a job of this magnitude wouldn't you go through the crowd and pick out maybe the strongest and the smartest and the most wonderful among the people to recruit?

But I guess the wisdom of God sees something quite different than we do.

Remember the spirit that brought to the creation such pain in the beginning was the haughty spirit of pride as satan became self enamored, thinking God was irrelevant and that he most certainly had all the tools necessary to rule in the place of God.

It was a jealousy over power and rule, which he had no capacity to possess or handle even if he had succeeded, which he did in a measure though, and turned the creation of God consequently into a dark and formless void the likes of what we read about in Genesis chapter one.

The base root or folly was covetousness really which is always rooted in a mistrust of God’s love.

This is the poison and a bitterness that continues to eat and devour with an insatiable appetite for death, even now.

This mistrust of God’s love desperately and fearfully takes and consumes in the emptiness of its separation from God (who is all fullness), until there is nothing left to consume. Like some kind of self fulfilling prophecy the desperate nature of the fear of loss and the desperate acts associated with it brings itself into a state of reality.

It was that spirit of bitterness, a thinking something was missing or purposely being withheld, a mistrust of God's love and goodness that was at the root of Lucifer and mankind's fall too when satan deceived the woman, appealing to her own dissatisfactions, for had she sensed no need (real or imagined) there would be no void to fill.

Then playing on a sense of deficit, playing on some level of fear and doubt, the serpent merely drew out and addressed what was already fermenting and offered her a solution based upon a lie. Let's see what James has to say about it;

Let no one say when they are maliciously scrutinized, attacked, probed and examined to purposely discover faults, weakness, deficiencies and flaws, how that the malicious scrutiny, attack, probe and examination to purposely discover faults, weaknesses, deficiencies and flaws are coming to them out from God, for God cannot be maliciously scrutinized, attacked, probed and purposely examined to discover faults, weaknesses, deficiencies and flaws to see if there is any form of trouble, or harm, or evil, or illness, or violent turbulence, or destruction, or pain, or suffering, or depravity in Him, and neither does He maliciously scrutinize, attack, probe and purposely examine to discover faults, weaknesses, deficiencies and flaws in any man.

But each one is maliciously scrutinized, attacked, probed and examined to purposely discover faults, weaknesses, deficiencies and flaws when they are drawn and lured out personally and privately due to his or her own sense of an emptiness, a craving and longing (as if something were missing or being withheld) and the fixation of their mind begins to turn over and over on that thing, and then they are beguiled, allured and enticed by flattering statements and smooth talk.

And after the emptiness, craving and longing (as if something were missing or being withheld) has taken and captivated them, like conception in the womb, it brings to birth an error and desperate actions based upon that sense of distance and separation from one’s inheritance, and when it has come to its end, its maturity and completion it also brings with it death, the end result itself being that which is separate from that which is living and incorruptible and imperishable (James 1:13-16).

Separation to the powers of life on a scale of infinity, and your integration into it matters.

The belief in your state of love based inheritance matters.

Your inner awareness that all things are working continually day and night for your own good and the good of others in your metron matters deeply.

The apostle Paul tells us the demise of humanity into the worship of spirit idols and un-God-like energies hinged upon one very tiny, yet very incredible thing called ingratitude;

For the passions of God are revealed out of the heavens in opposition to all that is not of the energy of God and that which is disharmonious with Him among men, who push away what is accurate and true, and instead embrace that which is not harmonious at all for them, for the things that could be known about God are not hidden from anyone, for God has made it clear and has made it plain to us all, for the things that are spiritual and invisible about Him from the very creation of the world are clearly seen and can be understood plainly by the things that He has made, including even His eternal power, His very nature and His supremacy, and so no one anywhere has a single excuse they can offer in defense.

But the problem is, that when the awareness and the knowledge of God was brought before them, they did not open themselves to be in awe of Him as God (the Supreme) and they were not thankful to Him for the gifts given. Because of this they became empty in their imaginations and their dulled hearts became numbed regarding this real intelligence, and they became dim then and void of illumination.

They walked around telling others how wise they were when in fact that real wisdom had long departed from them. Then they took the splendid things of the eternal and imperishable God and twisted them into images like finite, temporal and material men and birds and four footed creatures and beasts that creep along the ground.

So, God let them have exactly what they wanted, releasing them to mixed up expressions and to the things they worshiped most in their hearts and wanted to be like, and they began to act toward each other just like the animals and the physical, material things they worshiped and they dishonored even their bodies among themselves, not appreciating them, becoming void like the things they worshiped.

They changed what had come to them as true from God and perverted it instead into the practice of lies, and worshiped and served the created things as their gods then, putting themselves under the dominion of those things, and no longer the Creator of all things, who is infinitely blessed forever. Amen (Romans 1:18-25).

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