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A Little Ingratitude Goes A Long Way

We left off in Blog Fifty discussing why in the world does a person's spiritual life really even matter? Why do you care? Why should you care?

To sum it up, one's separation to the powers of life on a scale of infinity (that's God), and your personal integration into it matters, not only for yourself mind you, but on another level, it matters to all of us.

But the Son of God teachings presented by Jesus Christ deal directly with a belief in your state of love based inheritance that God's hand of loving salvation is giving to you, calling out to you and drawing you to Himself.

This all engages an inner awareness in you, a faith, a belief, that all things are working continually day and night for your own good and the good of others in your metron of influence and this matters deeply because it opens the active channels of God's love and manifestations of that love in your life.

But then we went somewhere else. We went to the root of something that the apostle Paul wrote about informing us the demise of humanity into the worship of spirit idols (false ideals and values) and destructive un-God-like energies among mankind hinged upon one very tiny, yet very incredible thing called ingratitude.

Picking up where we left off we hear Paul saying;

But the problem is, that when the awareness and the knowledge of God was brought before them, they did not open themselves to be in awe of Him as God (the Supreme) and they were not thankful to Him for the gifts given. Because of this they became empty in their imaginations and their dulled hearts became numbed regarding this real intelligence, and they became dim then and void of illumination.

They walked around telling others how wise they were when in fact that real wisdom had long departed from them. Then they took the splendid things of the eternal and imperishable God and twisted them into images like finite, temporal and material men and birds and four footed creatures and beasts that creep along the ground.

So, God let them have exactly what they wanted, releasing them to mixed up expressions and to the things they worshiped most in their hearts and wanted to be like, and they began to act toward each other just like the animals and the physical, material things they worshiped and they dishonored even their bodies among themselves, not appreciating them, becoming void like the things they worshiped.

Neither were they thankful? What?

Ingratitude is defined as - "the lack of appreciation, forgetfulness of, or poor return for kindness received. The non-recognition or refusal to acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality of something given as a special favor or gift".

My, my! What large fires a small little spark can cause.

Unthankful, ungrateful, the sense of having gotten the short end of the stick somehow when nothing was owed you to begin with, a sense of being cheated on a gift given, of being owed something that wasn't ever yours, of maybe not being recognized for your true self, of jealousy, of bitterness, leading one to take what has not been given (because of one’s anxiety born of base fears of abandonment), turning people into thieves, to robbers, to rapists, to murderers, to hateful malice, to vengeance against others.

These are all different manifestations of exactly the same thing really, that God does not care, that God will or has withheld, that God does not love, therefore, in my unbelief or ingratitude, I'm owed something and I'm taking it! Out the back door if need be.

Yes, it is all part of the same negative, fearful and bitter root.

Within the economy of God, in order to bring to pass the surrender of evil in the earth through the champion sons and daughters of His election, there is no room for these poisons. The time of day cannot be wasted on the proud yet empty spirits, pride being the state in which we act apart from God because we disbelieve in the love He avails us, causing us instead to wrap ourselves with the mind that we are without and demand from others because we are so much smarter, so much stronger, so much more powerful, so much prettier, or so much richer than the others, and in fear we take instead of receive from the abundance that has been given.

The apostle Paul once again is our teacher for this lesson;

But to those who are called, whether they are out from among the Jews or from among the Gentile nations of the world, Christ (the God seed) is the power of God and the wisdom of God. Because if there were any foolishness in God, it would still be way wiser than the wisest of all man's wisdom put together, and if there were any weakness in God, it would still be far stronger than the strongest strength of all mankind. For you see our calling brothers, how that not many wise men after the physical and material world have been called, and not many mighty men, and not many noble men are invited either.

But God has chosen what seems to be the most foolish things in the eyes of men to completely confound those considered wise, and God has chosen what seems to be the weakest things of the world to completely confound the things that are considered mighty among men. And those with the least reputation and fame, and the things that men think in their opinion are the most despised of all has God chosen, and things that are absolutely nothing (to men) to bring to nothing the things that are, so that nothing of men, of the physical and material world (the created world under darkness) can stand up in prideful boast of their own power.

But by Him, you have been made an integral part of Jesus Christ, who himself of God is made to us all wisdom, all that is perfectly synchronized with Him, all that is completely set apart to Him exclusively for high divine uses, and all that is redeemed and bought out of bondage and possession of any other, that just like it is written, 'If anyone is going to make any boastings around here, let him make his boast in the powers of the Lord.' (1st Corinthians 1:25-31).

It is not a problem with strength, or intelligence, or power of a position, or beauty, or riches and things in themselves that might be a problem. Do not misconstrue what I am saying here and assume wrongly that I am putting a premium on stupidity or unattractive conduct or appearance, for God is indeed a God of excellence, power and beauty and wholeness.

We are not saying God places a higher premium on being an idiot or on poverty as if that in itself is the key because it's not.

What I am saying, and this will become more important as we continue on in these chapters, it is the underlying heart of the person that is their true sustaining measure in faith born reception of the Father’s sworn love.

For the eyes of the LORD move perpetually in every direction, over the entire earth, to show Himself strong and prevailing on behalf of those whose heart is perfect (in full peaceful rest and harmonic resonance) with Him. If in this matter you do foolishly however, then the wars will continue and you will not know triumph and their end (2nd Chronicles 16:9).

If there is any boasting to be done, let it be over what the Lord in His mighty power and loving grace has not only performed but will continue to perform within those who have placed themselves under the stream of His incredible wisdom and mighty, insurmountable power, eternally resident within His joyfully extended ‘Yasha’ caress of love towards us.

And...be thankful., Gratitude open the heart to the exploration of even greater gifts.

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