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The Warrior Is A Child

So, allow me to update you if you are just joining us. This Blog and the book it is based on is about spiritual Revolution, or as some would refer to it, Spiritual Warfare.

Spiritual warfare involves skirmishes and triumphs at the highest levels. As the arena of spirit is greater than the arena of the physical and material dimension, changes in the one (spiritual) are causative and transformative in effect within the visible world the spectral capacity of our natural eyes with their limitations, will allow us to see. Being invisible does not equate to being unreal.

The various things we see in the visible and material world are in fact manifestations of spiritual elements and their 'kind', for everything appears in the visible world according to its kind.

Much of what we have been saying recently is born out of Psalm 8 and the purpose of humanity as stated in scripture. Let's take one more look at Psalm 8 where we read;

Yet You have appointed that out of the mouth of the little boys and the little girls, like those who yet hungrily nurse in dependence upon breasts, that there is laid the foundation of power (verse 2).

Why would God bypass the alleged strong and the mighty and lay the foundation of His power instead on little boys and little girls and those who must hungrily depend upon the breasts for their very life’s sustenance?

There is a reason why those words are there and they are vivid, pictographic in nature, and meant to be strong and clear in their illustration. It is because the power to prevail is not within the small power of the individual, but the power to prevail is a derived power and comes through impartation in exactly the same way the very sustenance of an infant’s life and survival is completely reliant on drawing its life out of the mother’s breast.

The little boy and the little girl cannot fend for themselves but are in complete dependence upon the provision of all sustenance for life, shelter, protection and care from the greater power of the parents love. They are dependent upon ministrations of love. The same is true of us in the arena of God’s Spirit.

Here, God is explaining to us by His wisdom, that the secret to our mission is not now, nor will it ever be found within our own independent capacity, but rather in our dependency in everything on the power that He alone both promises and will provide to us. He will be the Existence of our existence, both the cause and the effect and also the residing, overshadowing power.

The challenges and the personalities and powers we are to face, we are in fact no match for in battle because if you remember, we are made a little lower than the angels.

Though you may think this is bad, this is good, because it means our power in fact then is unlimited, for God takes up the station of our Savior and from His infinite resource supplies to us His own power of success.

The lesson we are to learn in all of this is, He as our Father, is giving to us Himself as resource in a closeness that is astonishing.

This is the way that Jesus taught us and showed us in his own method of operation. The Son of God did nothing of himself, but all of the works and all of the words Jesus expressed came out from the Father and they were mighty.

The Son was/is the receiver of the Father's wisdom and power and lives forever as a vessel in surrender to the living Spirit of the One who is tried and true and proven, and the Sole Cause of all Existence.

The Son lovingly mirrored what the Daddy was doing. Like Father, like Son.

What is the Son anyway but the offshoot and extension and embodiment of the Father? So too is it with all the children who have come under the regenesis of God's care, both daughters and sons.

Listen to Jesus describe it;

Then Jesus spoke to them and said, 'With pinpoint accuracy I tell you, the Son can do nothing that is of himself, but only what he sees the Father do. For whatever it is that he sees the Father first doing, then (and only then) does the Son do the same thing too (John 5:19).

And he (Jesus) said, 'With pinpoint accuracy I tell you, unless you turn backwards and become again exactly like little children (infant little boys and little girls) you will not have the means to participate, coming in and coming out, back and forth within the Kingdom (the high power) of Heaven.

Whoever then shall divest themselves of haughtiness in this regard and come entirely under the power as this little child (infant boy or girl), the same is the most honored and of highest significant value (the sought out treasure) in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And whoever it is that receives one of these little children (infant boys or girls) in my name (rank and power) will be receiving me, as if it were my own personal visitation to them (Matthew 18:2-5).

For whoever then is led by (attached to, as in taking by the hand, guided, governed by) the Spirit of God, these then are the sons of God (Romans 8:14).

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