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The Creation Forming Catalyst of Christ

Continuing on then from Blog Fifty Three we learn that part of the concept of Christ is that of a catalytic seed, an energizing dynamic spiritual power that is the pure force of an entire new creation that is even now emerging on the earth, the seed itself having been given freely to those who believe (to harmonize with the sustenance of its life) upon this Jesus who has passed into the holiest, and most complete, holistic place in all the universe, and is now at the right hand of the throne of God, the place of highest possible favor imaginable.

All of the power in all of the heavens and the heavens of the heavens, and all of the power on earth too has been awarded by God, the Creator and Father of all existence, to Jesus.

This pretty much means it’s really good to know him, right? It's not what you know but who you know that really does open the greatest doors of opportunity for you.

We are invited in spiritual union to join him there. He is the Christ and therefore the sole distributor of the Holy Spirit, the very energizing power that is the being of God. There is no other place to go to receive the Spirit of all Wholeness. Search as you may, you can't find this elsewhere.

The word Holy with regard to The Spirit means the same as it does everywhere else in the writings which is completely set apart for nothing else but sacred use, but there is another element overlooked in the word holy and that is its reference to wholeness.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of all wholeness, being in total integration with God.

This means you will get nothing else but God streaming to you from the Holy Spirit of all wholeness, and the empowering life essence that it is, or the 'kind' that it is, will energize and create in you and through you and around you accordingly if you are indeed in a state of drawing reliance upon this Spirit.

Through feeding, in a stream of constant contact, the transformative life power of this Spirit is actively stimulating you with its own nutrients and its liquid, divine energy, will then feed into you, fill you, and then exude out from you to replicate Christ the God Seed that is now within you.

Many, many, many are invited to participate in this divinely rooted way of living, but who will actually come? Who will abandon themselves to the power of the stream? Hear the apostle Paul in the following words calling out to all those who have been so connected;

If it is true then that you too have been co-jointly raised up with Christ, then begin to search out with all your deepest cravings (your hungering) those things that are far and high, waiting for you prepared and ready in the place where Christ is now seated (a state of permanence, fixed and at rest) at the very right hand of God (the highest place of love, empowerment and resource). Draw all understanding from this highest of all locations, this pinnacle point of perception, and not draw over from the things of earth (the material)” (Colossians 3:1-2).

It is when we turn the attention of our hearts, the center axis from which our own life streams, from being rooted in only material awareness, locked into a five senses only state of low existence in which we are giving greater power to created things than the Creator of all things, and we instead turn to spiritual awareness, and specifically to Jesus the Christ the Forerunner (Hebrews 6:19-20) who has shown us the way into this new dimension of Spirit interaction, that we can begin to see the mathematically superior distinction of powers and the superiority of spiritual things that Origin in God.

Why do I say ‘mathematically superior powers? Because it is ultimately a simple mathematical equation in which the power of ‘greater than’ is measured against what is ‘lesser than’.

The word translated into our English word disciple is the Greek word ‘mathetes’ from which our words ‘math’ and ‘mathematics’ are derived.

The training Jesus was giving to his disciples had and has everything to do with how we calculate the things we are observing in life, and in a true Journeyman and Apprentice relationship, the Master Craftsman in all things related to supernatural living as a son or daughter of God is teaching us to excel at the very heights of our craft if we will listen;

Now we have not received within us the spirit of this world, but we have received the Spirit that is of God, that we might know (perceive, conceptualize and see) the abundant, free and pleasant things given us and flowing out to us from God.

These are the things we speak to you about, but not in the words that a man's human wisdom can teach but in words that only the Holy Spirit can ever teach, comparing (interpreting) the spiritual things over against other spiritual things.

But the natural (naturally oriented, material rooted) man is not able to receive the things of the Spirit of God because they are a confounding puzzle to him (he cannot orient the pieces) and he can't gain any first hand direct and personal intimacy with them because they can only be interpreted and understood in a spiritual context. But he that is spiritual (of the Spirit) is capable of interpreting with accuracy everything they see and at all times, all the while puzzling everyone else (who are not oriented in this same way).

For what man can know the mind of the Lord and be in a perfect symbiotic status with Him? But the fact is we indeed have been given as an inheritance to possess, to explore to the fullest, possess and be possessed by, to wear upon us, and to echo out from us, the mind of Christ (1st Corinthians 2:12-16).

The power of the spiritual warrior, because we have not left the idea of spiritual powers and the conflict between kinds, is discovered in the warriors capacity to hear the ever communicative voice of God, living in intimate communion directly with the mind of Christ which is the very seed of God alive and active within those receiving these abundantly available, continual infusions of the Holy Spirit, and seeing then the world as the Spirit sees the world and interacting with all things surrounding them accordingly, calculating all things according to the divine mathematics being provided.

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