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The Voice of God Is The Re-Polarizing Power

The most important thing any one of us can ever do is learn to hear and distinguish the sound of God.

It is this sound, or as it is called “the voice of God”, that is speaking into the universe at all times and to which the universe listens and coordinates itself in harmony, with exception of satan (which I use in reference to a whole cadre of dark animating energies) in his structure of socio-spiritual defiant pride, and I add to that darkness unfortunately, the whole body of humanity stemming from Adam’s seed in its fallen, confused and callused heart status in relation to the sound of God.

It is as though there is a grand symphony being conducted within all creation involving the many unique parts of the whole, making one of the most beautiful, divine concerto’s and Aria's imaginable, and it is there daily to be heard and sung together with by the heart that has been touched and tuned to hear it.

However, there is still that big problem that continues to loom.

Within the concert hall of the universe there remain those discordant spirits of the darkness, hate and bitterness that not only are diseased themselves, but emanate their variant diseases into the hearts of Adam’s captive world of mankind as well. At one time mankind was in tune with the sound of God and knew the voice intimately. It is perfect harmony with the sounds of God we are privileged to see in the picture of Eden (Genesis 2:4-25) and His voice remains today as the key to the prosecution of spiritual warfare within each of our own personal metron of influence, being that realm to which each one of us has been given a stewardship.

It was from Eden and through the man's harmonious association with the voice of God, that the discord the angelic order of satan had administered into the creation by his own defiant jealousy, was meant to be overcome by and subdued, meaning it was to be brought to a state of influential silence.

This is why we see in man's creation and commission that he is assigned the mission of “subduing” the discordant sound or voice in a literal exorcism of something that was out of order within the greater order. We've mentioned this already but this commissioning of man is found in Genesis where we read;

And God blessed them (endued with power for success, flourishing, fertility, creativity, perpetuity) and said to them, 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill to the full all the earth, and subdue it (tread down the violation, to bind and bring a thing into subjection, to silence it) (Genesis 1:27-28).

What we learn in the spirit dimension is there is a bad sound walking the earth giving off vibes discordant with the Power of Infinite and Boundless Life and the results of that discordant vibrational energy, wherever it is broadcast, acts as a destroying energy within the creation.

Death and destruction and misery are in all its ways and in all the ways of those who are concordant with it.

Who will silence the bitter and hateful voice so peace may once again return and the flourishing abundance of life on a magnitude we cannot even comprehend may stream throughout all the channels of creation?

Critical in the calculations the Holy Spirit listeners are to function by is this; that for anything to subdue another thing requires the power of a superior force or intelligence to be appropriately applied bringing the greater power to act upon a lesser one. It is again, the calculus of greater versus lesser.

Maybe we can speak to it more later, but in the spiritual realm this is done by words or commands (sounds of a higher voice) emanating from greater versus lesser powers and the imposition of greater ‘name’ being brought to bear against lesser name.

The word of a higher command from a higher power (higher level frequency) rules a lesser one, always.

This is why yours and my ability to hear the voice of God and pass it forward in a rebroadcasting of it, speaking as He speaks as the oracles of God, and commanding what He commands, are so critical in this process.

It is us becoming unified with the sound of God in the universe.

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