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Of Commands And Spiritual Military Campaigns

Without a doubt, anyone aligned with Jesus Christ finds themselves engaged in a strange world in which on the one hand, everything necessary for them to receive from all the treasures of heaven is complete on their behalf, yet on the other hand, while observing the earth which they have been given to inherit, there is still a great deal that needs to be exorcised from the land.

This includes whatever portion or measure we have personally been given by divine allotment over which we are to watch and care.

A great deal of this territory we have been given by promise, may yet be occupied by unsavory spiritual entities and so, there is the element of spiritual warfare in which the unsavory spiritual influences are to be exorcised and the peace and treasures of heaven may then fill all the measure so heaven and earth become one in unified experience.

It is in this context that we will be able to succeed or not, depending on our understanding and exercise of the rights of power we have been granted.

One of the great promises we have been given says, “As many as received him (Jesus), to these same ones is given the right, the privilege and the power to walk the earth and appear upon the stage of history as the sons (offspring) of God. This is for everyone who believes on his name” (John 1:12).

These are powerful words about the impartation of divine rights of power.

The understanding of power brings us to an equation of ‘greater over lesser’.

This is the amazing revelation the Centurion in the gospel expressed to Jesus, who had been asked to come and heal one of his employees. The, Centurion mind you is a military man and as such understands the ‘greater over lesser’ flow of power. This man has grasped a vision of Jesus and why Jesus is empowered to do the things he does.

The Centurion’s interaction with Jesus unveils a spiritual truth that has deep roots in the arena of faith itself;

Now when Jesus entered Capernaum, a Roman army officer met him, who bore the rank of Centurion and summoned him earnestly saying, 'Lord (Possessor and Dispenser, note: the same title used of Roman emperors), my servant is lying at home in bed paralyzed and horribly tormented.'

And Jesus said to him, 'I will come and I will heal him.'

The Centurion said, 'You are Lord (Possessor and Dispenser), and I am nowhere near sufficient rank that one like you should step into my home, but if you would simply speak a command then my servant will be healed.

For I too am a man who is under the authority of higher and greater authority, and I have warriors in turn who function under my given power, and if I say to one, 'Go and do a certain thing', he goes and does what it is that I have said. And if I say to another one, 'Come to me from where you are', then he comes to me from where he is, and if I say to my servant, 'Do this', then he does it.'

When Jesus heard him say these things he marveled with great admiration and said to his apprentices, 'Now, with pinpoint accuracy I will tell you, I have not found such incredible faith anywhere in all of Israel.

And I will tell you now, that many people will come from the far reaches of the east and the west, and they will sit down right next to Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob in the realm of the heavens.

But the children to whom the kingdom could have belonged will find themselves instead left in the outer edges of darkness where there will be nothing for them but sorrowful weeping and distraught gnashing of their teeth.'

And Jesus said to the Centurion, 'You may leave here now and go to your home. What you have believed to be true has now been brought into existence.' And his servant was healed in that precise moment” (Matthew 8:5-13).

The secret of any power within the warrior of Jesus Christ is this very thing.

Any power that may be exercised is on the exact same basis by which Jesus power was and is now exercised for he is not dead but lives and is stationed at the right hand of God, meaning God has given to him all power in heaven and in earth.

What we should consider is what is available to us who have believed in Jesus is a direct, and remarkable flow through power resulting from us humbling ourselves, which simply means our hearts are tuned to him in a listening status under the power of greater power, by which we receive instruction and then rebroadcast it.

In participating this way, we engage and become one with power that is way above us, finding its very source in a realm referred to as ‘the heavens’, and emanating from Jesus Christ.

Success is in hearing Jesus voice and acting within the earth arena where our own feet are grounded, according to the voice in our replication of it.

Our power is realized in our dependent smallness, again like the little boy or little girl we’ve referenced who is feeding at the breast of fullness, not in our personal bigness. Power flows into us from somewhere else and we are it beneficiaries.

It is harmonization, hearing and resounding in a way of recognized flow of greater over lesser and understanding power supply comes from somewhere else and is rooted in God’s infinite, immeasurable largeness.

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