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THE REVOLUTION IS ON! - Blog Fifty Eight

Becoming God's Echo

I want to give you here a very delicate scripture. I do so knowing that some won't get what is being said, some will not believe that what is being said is what is being said, and some will take it and possibly abuse it, because that is what is in their heart to do.

But, I am going to share it anyway and remind you the rightful power we are given is a “flow through” power.

Remember that Jesus warned us against those who would do wonderful works in his name (by the use of authority) but step outside the level of intimate relationship when they did them (see Matthew 7:21-23).

With this warning let's read the prophet Isaiah;

This is what the LORD (the Highest One of all, and the Sole Cause of all existence) says, the Holy One of the set apart, distinct people, their very Maker, 'Ask Me about things that are still to come concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands (the energy of My power and its destined outcomes), then bring your bidding to Me, lay the charge upon Me, appoint Me to the task, commanding (calling on) Me.

I have made the earth and created man to be within it, My hand stretches out and bends, turns and inclines the heavens, and all the host of the swarming warriors send their bidding to Me, laying the charges upon Me, appointing Me, issuing the orders (the instructions, directives and calls).

The awakening and the rising up comes as righteousness (what is aligned and adjusted with God). Straight, upright and seamless is his direction upon the road of great conquest and triumph. He (this one) is going to build My city, he is going to release My captives and not for any personal gain or reward', says the LORD of the swarming host of warriors” (Isaiah 45:11-13).

This is frightening really, that God gives such power to men.

Notice the pattern: 1). Ask about what is coming with regard to God's sons, and 2). Ask regarding the work of His hands, then 3). Once He has spoken and given the word, 4). Issue or echo the commands.

In other words, we pray and commune with God regarding a thing, hear from Him and receive the words of His instruction regarding it (which is also our clear authorization to act on behalf of the Highest Command), and then we, being the agents of the Father to whom He has given the charge of the earth, engage the application of greater force of power, calling for and commanding the resources of power that God has already provided within the words.

This is all very scary and very, very powerful.

Don't be stupid though.

Remember the power is there to exercise and it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and angels wait for you to give the instructions that they might go to work on your behalf, but a listening heart is the key.

Seeing, then communing, then hearing, and then giving appropriate words (“this is what the Lord says”) that we know are words that harmonize with all creation’s wonder.

Be bold, but not presumptuous with the power you’ve been given.

Do you wonder about angels? Angels are listening, ready to work on behalf of the sons of God.

But to which of the angels did He ever at any time say, ‘Sit down here at My right hand until whatever is considered to be an enemy to you, whatever is hateful, odious, hostile and opposing you, I have made instead to kneel down in obeisance to you, making them utterly prostrate in subjection under your feet, vanquished foes, every single one of them.

But regarding the angels, do they not, every single one of them, exist as spirits who are employed to perform beneficial service(s), being sent forth (by God) for the very purpose of executing the commands and directives as ready attendants to the cause of those who have come to be granted by divine allotment, the inheritance, as the rightful heirs of salvation, inclusive of its all encompassing safeties, deliverance, freedoms, preservation, health, and all present plus future welfare and abundance, having been made free in every way from molestation by any enemy? (Hebrews 1:13-14).

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