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You - The Offshoot Of God?

Man was created to be the offshoot of God within the earth. Man’s power was and is a derived power related to whatever spirit energies one is aligned with.

In his creation, man was in purity of being with God who is the highest point of all that is good and beautiful, life giving and abundant. This is what the apostle James is telling us when he says,

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variableness or shadow (darkness) cast as He turns” (James 1:17).

Jesus emphasized this exact same truth when a man approached him and addressed him as the “Good Master”. Jesus own reply to this man was, “Why do you address me as good? There is only one source of good and that is God” (Matthew 19:17).

What by the way is God? How do you describe God?

According to Jesus, the incarnate Son of God we learn;

God is a Spirit and those who would worship Him (harmonize together with Him) must do so in spirit (in the same context as He is) and in truth (absolute sincerity, no pretense, no faking, no cover or cover up) (John 4:24).

Spirit in the ancient and mystical writings is the cause of animation within anything. Take away the spirit of a thing and animation ceases.

It is spirit, and the ‘kind’ of spirit or animating essence, that causes anything to be what it is whether cat, dog, apple tree, dandelion, or certain 'kind' of person.

You know what something is according to the Son of God insights, by what is being manifest out from within it, because the life without is a replicating, mirrored production of the animation (the spirit, the breath) within them.

In Adam, the fall subjected all future generations of his offspring to a mixed condition of “good and evil” and mankind became mixed spiritually having lost the power of discernment.

No longer was he set apart to only the Spirit of God but he was now open to the mixture of all spirit energies regardless of their nature.

The impurity of the mixture would prove to be a curse repeating its pattern of devouring over and over again up to this present hour.

As the apostle Paul pointed out, "Just a little bit of leaven permeates the whole loaf of bread." (1st Corinthians 5:6 & Galatians 5:9). In the same way, just a little drop of poison in the glass affects everything within the glass.

Except for the grace of God in His daily mercies we all would have been entirely destroyed a long time ago by the consumptive nature of evil and the inevitable cleansing away and purging of evil when the scales of adjustment reach their tipping point and the code written into the fabric of creation begins the inevitable work of judgment (adjustment).

But God's own love to us has always kept alive throughout the ages a remnant of hearts that

would listen and hear His voice.

Above the din of noise filling the earth with ever increasing discordant sounds, here and there would appear a person or persons who heard another sound. They heard the sound of God and embraced it, making His sound their sound too.

Within them was resonance with the ‘kind’ that is God’s own Spirit.

These are His apostles. These are His prophets.

These are all His holy people (people of the divine wholeness) who have come and set themselves apart, first by gracious invitation and then by personal choice to the sanctity of the sacred priesthood of heaven itself, established after the eternal order of Melchizedek as revealed in Christ, tapping instead the power of an endless stream of infinite life.

These are the people, the willing servants of the high order of the high magic and the high power that transcends earth and all substance, and transcend the lesser invisible heavens too all the way to the right hand of God, those who seek the Lord, wait with unpresumptuous hearts, listening for His voice and once they hear it, speak His re-polarizing words of creation over a world gone bad, parts having been infected with the bitterness of satan the destroyer, the sarar against the creation of God.

The words are words of cleansing. They are words of health and healing. Words of divine flow, peace and life giving order. They are...words of exorcism...cleansing away the very energies of evil.

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