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The Sound of God Heals the Earth

And this is the point.

It is the voice of God speaking to individual hearts that alone holds the power to re-polarize the rest of this sector of the universe, however small or expansive it might be, baptizing it completely in the goodness of God as originally willed.

This is the purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ, to demonstrate the sound of God and show us what that looks like, to triumph over the death and the cause of it and then act as the doorway of reconciliation to God for any and all that want to become partakers and instruments of the incredible re-sounding (re-polarization) of this entire arena we inhabit.

It's as if Jesus destroyed the illusion that the material world is the power and then single handedly reset the power structure, allowing adjusted men to become the sons of God, and women His daughters, literally the offspring or offshoots of God the Origin and Father of life, here into the earth sector of the universe.

Listen to Paul's words to the Roman believers who had gotten this incredible message and realized 'this is good news';

For every person who is brought along from place to place and destination to destination by the direct exclusive influence of the Spirit of God, these in fact are the very ones who are the sons (offspring, offshoots, direct generative extensions) of God.

For the Spirit we have been given is not one that binds us up in a constant state of terrified dread, but we have received the Spirit of total acceptance and welcome smiling and embracing love, by which we cry out from the depths of our being, 'the Father is my own generative cause and force of life!’

...for the whole of the creation is right now waiting with excited enthusiasm for the manifestation of these sons (offspring, offshoots, generative extensions) of God (Romans 8:14-15&19).

It is the voice of God that is at stake here and it is your heart and my heart in focused love, hearing it and combining real time response to it in continual motion that becomes the very voice of salvation (the Yasha) to all our fellow creatures, once again causing the passing through of His power and splendor into all the earth.

It is the hearers and followers of His sound that are His administrators (ministers), His extensions and offshoots into the earth.

And as the promise is that His splendor will fill the earth in all its fullness, it is also promised that these “hearers and followers” will be, ultimately, the very inheritors of the earth. He said to Moses who heard His voice like a man talks to his friend,

But just as certain as I am alive, all of the earth will be filled with the splendor of the LORD” (Numbers 14:21).

He said through the Prophet King David,

Abundant, fruitful, powerful and creative be the LORD God, the God of Israel (those of the

circumcised heart), and the One who only does things that are stunning and extraordinary.

Abundant, fruitful, powerful and creative be His splendor rich name for ever, and all of the earth will fill up with His grand splendor. This will be! This will be! (Psalm 72:18-19).

He said to the prophet Habakkuk, a prophet of the divine restoration,

For the whole earth will be completely filled with the deepest and most personal intimacy with the splendor of the LORD, and the degree to which it will be filled will be to the same degree (the heights and the depths) by which the waters completely immerse the sea (Habakkuk 2:14).

Again to David, the man whose very heart was after His own heart, He said,

For those who follow evil will no longer be found. But, those who draw their life out from the LORD, these same will inherit the whole earth.

For there will be a little time and then the un-harmonized will disappear. Yes, you will even go and carefully look for them in their place, and you will not find them.

But those who have busied themselves with listening (the meek ones whose ear is bent towards God) will inherit the whole earth and they will delight themselves in the overwhelming peace, soundness, safety and prosperity of it all (Psalm 37:9-11).

So, we all have choices then as to where we want to be, as to which side of the sacred equation we want to stand on.

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