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His Sheep Hear His Voice

The passing through of God's splendor is taking place among those who are hearing and harmonizing their own expressions with His sound in the earth and the process happens particularly within them as individuals.

Though God may often speak out in the context of groups, hearing and response are entirely individual choices.

It is not admission or participation in any group that will save you.

You could go to or join a thousand churches and yet never find Him, for it is His voice resonating in you personally in one on one relationship with God that contains the power of infinite life.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying to you.

The Lord Jesus said,

When he (the Shepherd) draws out his own sheep, then he leads them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice (his tone, his distinct sound).

They won't follow a stranger but will turn away from them because they have no perception (no echo, no resonance) of that other voice, that of the stranger within them...

I am the door through which the sheep must pass. All who would place themselves ahead of me, establishing their own selves in that place, are thieves and robbers, but my sheep do not hear them.

I am the passageway, the entrance and the portal that allows one to go in and come out again. If any man enters in and exits by me then salvation occurs and he knows complete safety, nothing perilous will ever captivate him and take control of him, but instead he will go in and out and find all the increase he will ever need for life...

I am the Good Shepherd and I know my sheep, every one of them clearly and distinctly, and am likewise known clearly and distinctly by those who are mine (John 10:5-9 &11).

The question you must ask yourself in naked honesty of heart must be, "Is the ear of your heart trained or being trained to distinctly hear the Shepherd’s voice?"

The responsibility is ultimately yours and not another's for the call of God is to you and you

cannot shift that responsibility to others nor hide behind another as your excuse for not learning to hear for yourself.

The point of any ministry as we call them, is to enhance your personal ability to hear Jesus as he alone, and no one else, is the Head of all the church, which are individuals in love with him and the image and likeness of the Father in him, loving their neighbor as themselves and living out their divine purposes together with him.

He is speaking and singing his song into the earth and hearts tuned to hear it are following it.

Is yours?

And there are still other sheep I have, sheep that are mine which are not of this specific fold. I will be bringing these ones too, and they also will hear my voice for there will be but one fold, and there will be only one shepherd (John 10:16).

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